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  1. There is a huge bug in the gameworlds. there is for example an unmanaged team with good players and when i try to buy a specific player another manager who also wants this player but gets outbidded or doesnt has enough money yet, he will just offer the club to some random manager on his friendlist just for the transfer to get canceled. this is then beeing done repeatedly all over again. I ve seen this happening in a LOT of gameworlds and its just frustrating. PLEASE FIX IT.
  2. Re: Mario Gotze I ve noticed that with Llorente from Athletic Bilbao. He mentioned months ago that he wont renew his contract with Bilbao, and a deal was made to sign with juventus in july, and he was On Loan since then! that was maybe even 3 months ago.......go figure.
  3. Re: Respuesta: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Agreed! Why trying experiments when the obvious solution is standing in front of you. Squad cap 50 and the problem is solved. no more player hogging, good youth available for everyone, bigger competition, much more fun!
  4. There are many Clubs that have a B team, for example, Barcelona B, Getafe B, Bilbao Athletic etc. so my suggestion is this. If you control a Club that has a B team, to be able to also control the B team too. To be able to send your youth/risers(not top players ofcourse) players there or even control the team if the B team exists in the Gameworld? Opinions?
  5. Re: Squad Caps You should introduce it everywhere. Squad sizes is the biggest reason that most gameworlds are almost empty. I tried joining older GW and everywhere i look i see teams with 200+ squad roster. Thats just absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Re: Player ambition concerns I wanted to make a post about this too. i see managers who control top teams to be either careless or just dont care and their team is finishing near the bottom or even relegated. I believe the game would be much more interesting if your top players grow concerns if you dont qualify for international competitions and what i would also find great is for the top players to request either a trade or to be loaned out in case the team is being relegated.
  7. Re: Buying from unmanaged clubs thats because after the manager quits, his position is being offered to another manager. if the other manager does nothing then it takes 7 days for the team to become free for taking and bids. if this manager instantly rejects the offer then the team is free for taking-bids
  8. Re: ≡ Gold Championship 254 ≡ Athletic Club here......not eager to make any transfers atm though
  9. It would be really great for external/unmanaged clubs to make loan bids for players they have on loan irl! there are teams with big youth squads that have their players loaned out irl but no one wants them here cause their rating is too low... It would also be great to make loans permanent until the end of the season without the option to recall the player/terminate the loan, or give the option for the loan to be terminated if there is a change in management in one of the both clubs and both managers agree on it. Allow teams to have more then 3 loaned in players in general and maybe max. 3
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread jealous? :facepalm: i was online when this happened. i could reserve barca....but i dont want to support this bull***. its ruining the game.....most GCs will be almost empty soon. ...
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread you got your ManU in a GC that ll be almost empty in a couple months did i say months? sorry, i meant weeks
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Maybe you should stop buying so SM stops this 2 GC per day. Just sayin...
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread well, thats it then. i guess that if you want to get a top club from now on you will have to pay for 2500 credits for it or forget it. cause as you can clearly see there are enough fools here who are gonna go for it. hell, there are already enough of them that done already. in a couple of weeks most GCs will be almost empty....tragic
  14. Re: Official Gold Championship 182 Thread harharhar i was thinking about posting the win. is there maybe something wrong with your goalkeeper....6 shots on goal all in ^^
  15. Re: Official Gold Championship 183 Thread good to see another GC beeing created 2 days after 182.....
  16. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread are you sure? Real Madrid: Transfers CALLEJÓN, José Fwd/Wing Montpellier HSC 25 88 7.9M R.PITAU and G.LACOMBE 28 Jul 2012 08:23 GT ....jeez, what a joke
  17. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Chivas de Guadalajara here! xD
  18. Re: Physical condition of the players The value in the tactics Pitch display is the value that your players will have on matchday.
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