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  1. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - 2012 I heard good thing about Nicolae Stanciu, is he a good prospect?
  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions For the few games that Wallace played in this start of season I noticed that he is not a bad player, but because of his last match, that he took a red card still in the 1st half, he's staying on the bench for a while, but fairly, I can't see him not being a starting player for much time, moreover Fluminense fans are requesting more apps for him, mainly because Bruno Vieira, the starting RB, is not we can call a good player. Luiz Antônio is also a good player that you should keep, he miss few passes, commit few fouls, and supports very well the attack an
  3. Re: Riferimento: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions In almost all the seasons that he has played for Flamengo, he has more steals, also who more commited fouls, defensively he is a good player but he is awful attacking.
  4. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) Petteri Forsell (74) of IFK Mariehamn. His team is on third, and up to now he has scored 6 goals in 9 games... not bad for a MC.
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions 5nC5IZmAmfE Here it is
  6. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I don't think so...
  7. Dedé


    Re: Sweden Christoffer Nyman of Norrköping - 19 yrs old 397 minutes this season already scored 4 goals, costs 590k
  8. Dedé


    Re: Croatia Lučko, Šibenik, Karlovac and Varaždin will not to be reviewed?
  9. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? When was the last time that Bosnia was reviwed?
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I think that will not take much time to Coritiba recover in the table, since Coritiba is better than many teams such as Náutico, Portuguesa, Ponte Preta, Bahia, and others. I saw the match against Botafogo, but I didn't see much of him, he had some good tackles but not special, I would wait more few games to know, I don't know if he'll be on the starting 11, he only was in the 2nd round. Anyway I predict a good rise for him if he keeps getting minutes.
  11. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread How Alvaro Pereira is going?Is his rating safe?
  12. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions And now Ronaldinho is officially out of Flamengo.
  13. How good is he? Does he have potential to be the starting GK of England NT? How much he will rise in the next review?
  14. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Ohh this Henrique, I had already forgotten him.. he was on fire in the U-20 WC but in São Paulo he disappointed, the time will say if he can be that player he once was.
  15. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
  16. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Here is the game that I have mentioned before. jGnLUK5Zqkc
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 + 1 for Chicharito in the next review?
  18. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions
  19. Re: German Bundesliga - 2012 Ratings Which 90+ rated players of Borussia will get a rise in the next review?
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Henrik MKHITARYAN or Douglas COSTA, please help me fast.
  21. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Finally a good game of Hulk for the NT and also a good debut of Wellington Nem. I noticed that Jefferson plays better for Brazil NT than for Botafogo, I hope he stays that way
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