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  1. Re: NEW.....World Youth League.....NEW FC Barcelona Transfer News Barcelona have announced the signings of Jonathan Tah from Hamburg and Adnan Januzaj who was a free agent. Since Rio90 took over at the club, there has been a shift in transfer policy with the preference of signing young, up and coming players.
  2. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Thanks for that :-). Yeah that's me
  3. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads I would like to put my name down please, if there are any slots left.
  4. Re: NEW.....World Youth League.....NEW Coming off the back of a successful U20 World Cup campaign, Dimitri Foulquier is looking to impress his new manager and push himself into contention for a starting place in this new look Barcelona team. And his hard work hasn't gone unnoticed, with a rating change of +5 it would be hard for Barcelona's new manager rio90 not to include Foulquier in his plans.
  5. Re: NEW......world youth setup....NEW Can I be Barcelona please
  6. Re: NEW......world youth setup....NEW Sounds good, count me in.
  7. Re: Ec 28888 I would be really interested in this and would like to put my name down.
  8. Re: Double D I would also like to give up my option to buy Pepe and Xavi.
  9. Re: Double D Just seen this... I give up my option to buy Mascherano. Just if you want to go for him again that's fine.
  10. Re: Double D After tough negotiations, Wolves have confirmed the successful bid for of KDB from Chelsea, confirming earlier reports from the Chelsea camp. With such talented players at Chelsea to, compete against KDB saw the transer to Wolves as his best chance of first team football. With the clubs new manager making wholesale changes at the club it is reported that senior players John Terry and Glen Johnson among others have aired their frustrations at these changes. With the board backing the new manager, the club are said to be open to offers for these players.
  11. Re: Double D With the Wolverhampton Wanderers board casting the net far and wide in search of a new manager, young manager Ryan Okonkwo has be selected to take the club forward. Asked by the media for his thought on his appointment Ryan's answer was "I'm happy to be here, and I'm glad the club have trusted me with this position and I hope to repay the faith shown in me by the board by having a good season"
  12. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld I would like to manage a team in this gw if there are any vacancies and club owners willing to give me a chance.
  13. Re: Manager wagers Yeah true didn't think about that part. Maybe use the clubs transfer budget instead of tokens of real money. You cant put a bet larger than your clubs current budget. Again there is the problem with fixing but if there's a limit on the number of bets you can place or total value of bets per season then this could limit effect of the fixes
  14. At the start of the season managers can have wagers with each other of who will finish higher in the league between them. Or which one will win the league between them and if there is more than 2 managers willing to bet each other then the money will go in to the pot and will be claimed by the winner at the end of the season. It would make gameworlds more exciting with a bit more to play for and a way to raise a bit of finance. There would also be a wager limit.
  15. Re: Jonathan Tah - Hamburg When do you think he'll be on the DB?
  16. My aim is now to turn it into a setup filled with forumers. The 12th season is midway through. Are you up to the challenge of bringing former glory back to Nottingham Forest or helping Jeff Stelling's beloved Hartlepool to the top flight. Maybe you can help Arsenal secure the much coveted '4th place trophy'. This is for everyone taking part in English Championship 1960, post everything related to this setup in this thread from match results to transfers dealings to the EC1960 banter.. If you're not already signed up then come join in the fun. Game World ID: 16380
  17. Re: Looking for a competitive Gameworld Newcastle. English Championship 1960 Big stadium, potent strikers. Squad average 89.
  18. Has been in amazing form since his switch to Newcastle scoring 10 league goals in 9 games, surely due for an increase in his rating?
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