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  1. should i sell MUNOZ, Ezequiel for 20m or should i hold on to him hes 21 rated 88 ?
  2. Re: 300 Mil to spend on a squad with poor economy - large squad?
  3. Re: £81m for Gotze.... id say 93-94 max
  4. Re: £81m for Gotze.... no brainer tbh you can buy into more youth players and maybe get a few stars with that money take it! this is the problem with sm no one sells and with a bid like that you would be stupid to reject it
  5. Re: Raheem Sterling great talent him and joe allen are by far the best players in that liverpool side atm but it is still the start of the season if he keeps playing most games till the end of the season he ll hit 88 easy
  6. Re: buy, sell or keep! any help out there?
  7. Re: Nani 20 mil + Hazard take it and run.
  8. Re: Help me with this players A.Lacazette and maybe ola john if you need money bad.
  9. looking to offload some players that dont have a good chance of being stars my wage bill is £1,392,910 a week so im in need of help fast any comments will be much appreciated thank you. players 16 - 21 years old. MOORE, Liam ABDULLAH, Rafidine MORGAN, Adam HOESEN, Danny MBAYE, Ibrahima ZOUMA, Kurt CABALLERO, Mauro SHAW, Luke POHJANPALO, Joel GORETZKA, Leon WARD-PROWSE, James STERLING, Raheem SERRANO, Álex VERRE, Valerio STEPHENS, Jack BIGIRIMANA, Gael SERDEROV, Serder UMTITI, Samuel WEISER, Mitchell DRAXLER, Julian BANGOURA, Momar OMERUO, Kenneth OBITA, Jordan BARKLEY, Ross LASCELLES, Jamaal ACHEAMPONG, Frank CALHANOGLU, Hakan DEPAY, Memphis ANANIDZE, Jano YENNARIS, Nicholas KONDOGBIA, Geoffrey DA COSTA, Danny DIJKS, Mitchell ICARDI, Mauro TRYBULL, Tom BOCCARA, Ilan JENNINGS, Dale HRGOTA, Branimir KOVAL, Maxym FYVIE, Fraser KONATÉ, Moussa PARKER, Shawn TALLO, Junior OMAR, Mascarell VASTIĆ, Toni REINHARDT, Pascal FÜLLKRUG, Niclas CHESSA, Dennis AFOBE, Benik ĆOSIĆ, Uroš WISDOM, Andre NAJAR, Andy ITURBE, Juan MORATA, Álvaro OMRANI, Billel BAKENGA, Mushaga ABDULRAHMAN, Omar TRINKS, Florian CRYSTIAN, Carvalho SIDIBE, Djibril GADI, Chris APPIAH, Dennis ARAUJO, Sergio SABORIT, Enric STEIMEL, Daniel GARDNER, Gary PROMES, Quincy SARABIA, Pablo JOHN, Ola AYEW, Jordan MÜLLER, Bastian PLANO, Óscar TOWNSEND, Andros SANTONOCITO, Luca KAYA, Semih TELLO, Cristian COQUELIN, Francis CARRILLO, André ÁLVARO, Vázquez AHAMADA, Ali OSEI, Kevin SCHENNIKOV, Georgi SCHURRLE, André COSTA, Douglas MUNOZ, Ezequiel 22- 30 years old. N'KOULOU, Nicolas SIGURDSSON, Gylfi AYEW, André COLBACK, Jack AMALFITANO, Romain RASPENTINO, Florian SANA, Tobias COSTA, Diego AZPILICUETA, César KABORÉ, Charles ASSAIDI, Ousama RÉMY, Loïc M'BIA, Stéphane JELAVIC, Nikica AMALFITANO, Morgan VALBUENA, Mathieu MANDANDA, Steve EL KADDOURI, Omar SINCLAIR, Scott
  10. should i sell him for 15m or keep him hes off to west ham so im guessing he'll drop in rating again ??
  11. Re: first team help please. Bump....................
  12. Re: help please (first team). :eek:BUMP.............................
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