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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If at the start of the season or even 10 games ago if any Liverpool fan or player was told they'd be joint top with 2 games to go (or even 6 points ahead with City having 2 games in hand!) there's not a single person who wouldn't have taken it. Heads up and stop sulking. It isn't over quite yet and even if Liverpool do finish second of third it's been a brilliant season. You've got to give credit where it's due and Mourinho and Chelsea got their tactics spot on. Every team that's come to Anfield and attacked has been put in their place. Chelsea were very well organised and concentrated for 90 minutes. There's not another team that's stopped Liverpool scoring in both games so well done to them.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Fulham 2 -3 Liverpool Liverpool 2 - 1 Sunderland West Ham 1 - 2 Liverpool Obviously Man City are still odds on favs to win the league, but if Liverpool were to go on and win the league you'd have to say it's thanks to the sort of results above where we've played poorly but ground out wins. In the past season we'd have dropped points in all 3 of those games, but clearly the players really want it this year. Next weeks game will be a very different sort of challenge, but speaking to most Man City fans they'll say Liverpool have been the best team to come to the Etihad this year, and if we're at our very best next week I see no reason why we can't take all 3 points.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gerrard's been backed into 4/6 to be shown a card tonight (opened 9/2). Not sure if that's people in the know, or people just putting two and two together, but it does make sense he misses Spurs rather than City.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Just seen the replay I don't think the shot was even on target... meaning a yellow card for a deliberate hand ball and a penalty would've been sufficient action. Red card is only given when denying a goal or obvious goal scoring opportunity with a hand. Shambolic refereeing but wouldn't make any difference to the result and the card will get rescinded after anyway - and no doubt the referee will spend the next few weeks refereeing football league matches as punishment.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Half time scoreline certainly flatters Liverpool. The teams passing has been dreadful - the worse I've seen probably all season... Particularly Coutinho and the two full backs have given the ball away on numerous occasions today. I know there's a lot of fan boys on here so this will probably not go down well but Flanagan has looked way out of his depth today. Don't get me wrong the lad's got an amazing work rate and puts 100% into everything but I've been worrying every time the ball has come near him today. His decision making has been poor and on the ball he's been shocking. If we hold on I'll be delighted but the lads need to pick it up second. Clean sheet is paramount today. If there's one position we need to improve in the summer it's certainly the full backs.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Absolutely no chance Flanagan goes to the World Cup. Even suggesting it's a possibility is ridiculous. The lad's got a brilliant attitude, puts 100% into everything and has been in decent form recently, BUT he needs to progress considerably before he'll be playing on an international stage. Every fan loves to see a young lad come into the team and do a job, but we have to be realistic in terms of ability there's 4 or 5 English right backs ahead of him.
  7. Re: Jack robinson Neither Jack Robinson or Flanno will be starting for Liverpool next season. That's the reality! I've watched both players progress through the youth and reserve teams and both players have a lot of talent. However, neither are good enough or ready to be starting game in game out, yet. When Kelly and Johnson are fit they will both come back into the first team. I can also see Liverpool buying a new left back in the summer. The two youngsters will get game time now and again - especially if Liverpool end up in the Europa league, but I can't see either of these 2 young fullbacks starting regularly for at least a couple of seasons. I wouldn't put anybody off buying them on SM, however it's unlikely they will hit high 80's/90 for at least a few seasons.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread When both Torres and Suarez are at their best Torres is better. There's no argument there. The problem most Liverpool fans had with Torres is that he didn't perform at his best consistently for 2 seasons. There would be times where he's remind us of what he was capable of but it happened rarely, because he was always injured and when he was playing didn't try. The reason many Liverpool fans hold a grudge against Torres is because of the manner in which he left the club. Adam, I know you were angry with Barry when he left Villa for City. From your post re: Barry I think it's pretty clear you still hold a grudge against him to this day (and probably always will). It's the same story with Newcastle fans and Carroll. Torres is no different. All 3 players had ability (and all the fans knew that) but in all situations there were a number of fans who didn't want the player to succeed because of the hurt they'd caused them. I was disappointed in the manner and timing of Torres' departure, but I personally hold no grudge against him because no player is bigger than the club and as a club I believe we've improved since Torres left. I wouldn't say I wish Torres well, because if I was to wish Torres success I'd be wishing Chelsea success and there's no chance I'm doing that...
  9. Re: John Flanagan- Future Star! When Johnson, Kelly and Agger are back fit? Not a chance. He's a very good talent and has been very impressive for the reserve team all season, but don't expect to see him starting regularly for a few seasons yet. I expect Liverpool to get a new left back in the summer which will see Johnson and Kelly competing for the right back spot. Unless both of them get injured at the same time next season I'd be surprised to see him play, bar a couple of games in the Carling Cup and maybe a few substitute appearances.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If anyone thinks 'minor' swearword that is picked up by a camera after a couple of huge incidents in a big game warrants the same punishment as intentionally swearing down a camera in front of millions of people telling them all to 'f' off after scoring a goal, then they are seriously deluded. Typical Man Utd fans thinking everyone is against them all the time. It's not even worth debating with some of these people. Anyway delighted with the performance put in by all of the lads. They put everything they had into the game and defended so well as a unit. I've been watching Flanno and Robbo regularly for the reserves earlier this season and it's great to see these lads come in and perform so well at the highest level. They're not ready to be playing week in week out yet (hopefully we won't make he same mistake made with Insua and give them too many games too early), but the experience they've both gained will be so valuable to their development. I hope Carragher's alight after what looked a nasty blow and wish him a speedy recovery. I also hope Aurelio and Carroll are okay and not going to be out too long.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Surprisingly Liverpool's lineup wasn't close to it's best today!! Liverpool only started 4 under 18 players, the rest were under 17's and u16's. Flanagan recently started for the first team against Man City and is continuing to train with the first team so didn't feature in the game. Jack Robinson (who's also featured for the first team before) is injured so didn't feature. Connor Coady (Enlgand U19 stand in captain) was also out. The under 18's big centre back Wisdom is starting for the reserves and so didn't feature. Another big talent Suso didn't play today because he's training and playing for the reserves. All in all Liverpool U18's today weren't anywhere near their strongest and didn't play anywhere near as well as I've seen them this season! Tbf, I don't think Man Utd had their best possible U18's team playing, but still it's always nice to see a comfortable win against Man Utd and that's the double now for the U18's. It makes up for some shocking refereeing decisions earlier this season at Anfield when Liverpool were 2-0 up and dominating when we had a player sent off and cheap penalty against us before Man Utd came back to knock us out the FA Youth Cup .
  12. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I thought Joe Hart was better than that !!
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Overreaction. Scott Dann's a local lad, Liverpool through and through. He was a season ticket holder as kid and loves the club. Furthermore, he's still fairly young and can defend!!! If I can to choose between him, Carra, Skrtel, Soto and Wilson to partner Agger it's Dann every time. In the summer he'll be down to 12 month on his contract so he should come cheap. Whilst I agree there are better defenders out there Dann should be a cheap signing and is certainly better than the tosh we have at centre back (bar Agger) currently, he's had premier league experience and his hearts in the right place. If a bigger name comes available and we've got the funds in place to secure a deal then Dann would be a perfectly good back up to step in when Agger is out injured.
  14. Re: The 80 day football banter challenge! What are you defining as a "glory supporter"? If it's people who don't live in or near Manchester and don't ever go to games you're probably quite near with 60%. However, that figure is relatively small compared to the vast majority of "big" clubs. My guess would be 95% of people who would consider them Man Utd "fans" or "supporters" have no connection to Manchester and have never been to OT to watch a game. I can't think of one person (IRL) I know who has changed team to support City since they've had money. Even on this forum most people posting in the City thread were supporting City before they had money and most of them claim to live in or near Manchester. 4 out of the 5 people who posted on day 1 of this thread saying they support Man Utd have claimed they support another team as well. That says it all really.
  15. Re: Kevin Friend not fit to Referee Controversial decisions are not a new thing. There's always been debate about decisions made in football games. The only difference is now there's so many more cameras in HD and technology to prove that some decisions made are wrong. If I gave a similar penalty in a Sunday league game I'd get a few complaints (I would whether I gave a free kick or a penalty) but then the penalty would be taken and that would be that. No one would bring it up after that because they'd understand it was a borderline call and there's nothing that could be done. Likewise if this happened in a League 2/Conference game where there's one camera at the side of the half way line, there would be no way to prove whether the decision was in or out and everyone would just get on with the game and accept the decision, no complaints. I have to agree that Collina was out of this world and no ref comes close to him now, however, we should feel privileged to have some top referees such as Howard Webb, Mike Dean and Phil Dowd all of whom are a long way ahead of the top referees from other football leagues across the world and a lot, lot better than the vast majority of select group referees we have had in the past. Refereeing in general is certainly improving now they are full time professional who are being properly trained. However, due to the constant advances in technology it would seem to your average football fan otherwise. It also doesn't help having incompetent commentators who don't know the laws of the game themselves. OP, If the officials in yesterdays game made half as many mistakes as the Sunderland players or even the Liverpool players for that matter then I'm sure they would accept the criticism they got. If anyone should be sacked after yesterdays performance surely it's Sunderland's defenders. I challenge anybody who is openly critical of refereeing to go out one Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon and try it out for yourself. I guarantee after you've done that you will have a lot more respect for the men in the middle refereeing in Premier League games.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'd rather Chelsea get further than Man Utd. Not that it really matters. I can only see one team winning the Champions League this year and that's Barcelona.
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread So the 4 mistakes you've listed makes Foy a bad referee? That's nonsense. Name any Premier League referee and I will be able to find more than 4 errors made and that's a promise. Referees are human... they will make mistakes. I really hope you don't take any notice of that "blunders league" or anything similar. I've just had a quick look at the 8 "incidents" and 6' date=' yes 6, of the incidents were goals scored by players in offside positions. How can you blame an offside decision on the man in the middle. [i']Please[/i] . Another of the "incidents" was incorrect in law. Furthermore, the best referees are going to be refereeing the best game and are therefore going to be getting more attention. I'd of thought that was common sense. Hence why the referees with 0 incidents on the site you found are all refereeing in the lower leagues. Give those referees the biggest games and they'll be found. It's also strange that Stuart Attwell has 0 incidents next to his name on that site because I can name a number of big incidents this season and prior that he has got really wrong. Look at the overall performance of the referee over a number of games and you will see Foy is among the very best. As far as general match control goes only Webb and Dowd are better, and in terms of letting the game flow Foy is also one of the best. This game alone I've counted 3 good advantages Foy has given to Arsenal.
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