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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Just to let you know Ribery can go for 2 92+ players in gc 61
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  3. Re: Gold Championship 61 Transfers & Match Report Thread Hleb set to join Bayern Bayern munich had a bid of olic and breno accepted earlier tonight. However, both managers have agreed that breno will return to bayern for a season long loan as part of the deal. Hleb waving goodbye to barcelona earlier tonight
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread why? gomez is 93 pato 92 (which chairman will block it)
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Bayern set to sign Pato in a straight swap for gomez
  7. Re: Gold Championship 61 Transfers & Match Report Thread Wonderkid pato expected to join Bayern tomorrow after the German side agrees to swap 23 year old gomez with the brazilian star.
  8. Re: Michael Owen Medical Exclusive Breaking news!! - Owen is out for 6-8 weeks after injuring himself whist signing the contract!!
  9. Re: Gold Championship 61 Transfers & Match Report Thread 5-3 win for Bayern munich in opening game thanks to a Toni hat trick!! Bayern were 2-0 up after 8 mins before Hamburg got 2 back. It was 3-2 to bayern at half time but bayern managed to secure the win thanks to 2 more goals from striker Toni.
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  11. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 is rensing still likely to go down? many thanks
  12. Re: all players in differant shirts ther is a tutorial on the graphics thread page near the bottom m8 there http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=41498
  13. Re: Gold Championship 61 Transfers & Match Report Thread Ribery for sale (two 92+ wanted) Ribery's future is in doubt after madrid increase thier intrest
  14. Re: Gold Championship 61 Croatia star Luka modric looks set to join Bayern as an offer was accepted earlier tonight. The move sees Ottl and Sosa moving in the opposite direction as rob looks to strengthen his middfield in order to increase chances of bringing success this year.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 61 New man at Bayern munich... In other news manager rob has said that ribery can go if a team offer 2 93+ players (1 CM and a replacement winger)
  16. Re: Idea! I just cant see how SM can lose from creating these setups: 1. It will stop members from losing intrest in SM 2. It will bring back the competitiveness of SM 3. It will give something back to loyal members who have played the game for a long time.
  17. Re: Idea! Another aim of creating these new setups for 'older members' would be to try and prevent newer members from joining the setup, then quittin after a few games. The members will be more experience and in my opinion i think that this will persuede older members who are maybe thinking about quitting sm to stay and compete in these setups as it will be full of great managers. Also these new setups would definately bring back the competitiveness of sm and also maybe bring back some of the fun of sm for loyal members who have been playin sm for years and in a way contributed to the success that sm is today
  18. Now that many of europe's top players have gone to madrid, is the premiership still the best league in europe/the world? Premiership Cech Glen Johnson---vidic---Ferdinand---evra Mascherano---Alonso Lampard --- Gerrard © --- Rooney Torres Bench: Reina,Terry,Essien,Fabregas,Robinho,Arshavin, Drogba La liga: Casilles Dani alves--- Pique--- Puyol © --- Capdevilla Xavi--- Iniesta Messi --- Kaka--- Ronaldo Villa Bench: Valdes, Sergio ramos, Albiol, yaya toure,Robben/benzema, Eto'o What are your line ups and do you think that the premiership has become weaker??
  19. Idea! In soccermanger, there are special setups that only newer members can join and as a reusult older members can only join setups that are bought. My idea is that sm create setups for older members (say a reputation of 150+) aswell as setups for new members. Especially now with teams such as madrid and barca getting stronger, it seems impossible to get a 'big' team as obviously the person that buys the setup will take madrid ect. Wat are your views?
  20. Re: all players in differant shirts wat u guys think
  21. Re: Make Me a New Sig please can i have an oasis sig (oasis the band) thanks
  22. Re: Chemistry Video - Ideas? hi, what about the simple experiment of putting mentos sweets in diet coke. I know that it isnt very exciting but its cheap and easy to set up good luck with your project
  23. Re: david silva for essien? Yes definately... essien is one of the best defensive middfielders in the world and if you dont use silva then this is a gr8 deal for you (not sure if it will go through tho)
  24. Rob_LFC

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread My barcelona WC 511 Casilles Sergio Ramos --- vidic --- Puyol De rossi Robinho--- Iniesta--- Xavi ---- Silva Messi --- Eto'o (I also have Ibrahimavic,Villa, Fabregas, albiol and other gr8 players)
  25. So here's the idea... here is your chance to tell others who you have met or even seen in your life (eg, footballers or other famous people) Enjoy!
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