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  1. guys, Tolisso + 15m for Keita Balde. should i accept it ? I have Balde, with the money i can buy Balotelli.
  2. Rabiot, very good and he is getting a lot more game time i'd get Isco long term, he's got a lot of potential. I don't rate Martial highly, he will stay 91 rated, same with Costa. Isco will rise for sure. Dendoncker yes, do it. Great deal for you.
  3. Umtiti can be more useful since i don't have a very good CB/LB but i don't care that much about the position. I am tempted to go for Umtiti, i believe he can reach a higher rating, you know Barcelona is a better club, every season they are fighting for every major tournament but also Eriksen is one of the best on his position, that is why i am a bit undecided
  4. Lindelof/Inaki and Gaspar. Between Lindelof and Inaki i'd go for Lindelof, he is more likely to move to a bigger club.
  5. sorry about the title, another problem, i was here for 10 mins but i already want to leave
  6. AS you guys can see, i played this game from 2012 but i left almost 2 years ago. I just wanted to come back for a minute and take a look at the forum, the game, because i really enjoyed this game and i had fun on the forum, i was spending my time here. But it seems things changed too much for me, all i can say is that i hate it, the new interface is awful, likes, subs, more Facebook stuff. And maybe it is just me but it takes an eternity for a page to completely load, i also had problems posting this ) I don't really get it, why did they change everything, it was much better back then
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... weiser Insigne Tello for me Coentrao
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Khedira...
  9. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Thanks 10 characters
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) watch?v=u_VsvZmIWxY
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) watch?v=RVMvART9kb8
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i'd say yes' date=' probably he will leave but he can keep his rating Bryan Ruiz.
  13. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) watch?v=JVZe5K3PZig
  14. Re: Ec - 5910 I'm planning to come back on forum... i don't want customs and this is exactly what i want right now. I have applied for Hull City mate, please accept if you want
  15. Re: .:10000 bc:. Sorry guys, i know i am not active, and it's a looong time since i posted here but i was very very busy and i left all the custom setups, this setup is the only custom i'm in , is a very good one so i wanted and i still want to stay. And i'll try to post more now. In other news, Bayern is relegated, my team is more than awful but i have a decent amount of money and i hope i can bring 2-3 decent players in.
  16. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN Used my best starting XI, also Lahm scored and was his first match, very happy with this result. It seems i will stay on the 2nd place, even if i lose against Southampton doesn't matter Quite impressive :p
  17. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN managed to get Lahm, very nice, he is now my best player. Very happy with that
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... LOL, i'll take that as a joke
  19. Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Joe Hart for me
  20. Re: EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN 1-1 against West ham, i am in a bad form, i have 3 players injured in 3 matches... i am unlucky as always. And i am still on the 2nd place but in very big danger
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Kun Aguero for me... quite easily
  22. Re: RAGS TO RICHES - The Rise To Prominence Sorry for leaving this setup but at the moment i don't have enough time to manage my team, it seems 21 clubs is too much for me + this is a small team, a long term project, and i can't do it, i need more time and i don't have. Probably i will leave at least 4-5 teams soon
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