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  1. So, this is the deal: my youth team is too big, so I would appreciate your help to know who should I sell and keep to reduce the number of players and salaries. Thanks! De Sciglio- AC Milan Bernard- Shaktar Donetsk Salah- Chelsea Montoya- Barcelona Volland- Hoffenheim Digne- PSG Zouma- St. Ettiene Umtiti- Lyon Leitner- Stuttgard Luke Shaw- Southampton Ben Davies- Swansea Jesé- Real Madrid Sterling- Liverpool Deulofeu- Everton Pardo- Real Sociedad Dória- Botafogo Kovacic- Internazionale Ruben Garcia- Levante Dennis Praet- Anderlecht Juan Quintero- FC Porto Anderson Filipe
  2. Re: Any young teenage leftbacks? Luke Shaw, great option
  3. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Will Luis Muriel rise?
  4. Hey people! Jordy Clasie is now available. Should I buy him?
  5. I don't know which one buy. Can anybody help me?
  6. Should I sell...?: BEÑAT, Etxebarria PORTILLO, Francisco(after the rises) RAMÍREZ, Gastón ISMA, López ASPAS, Iago
  7. Re: Fellaini or Turan? In my opinion, Fellaini
  8. Re: Lucas Andersen Ok, thanks (:
  9. I bought him for 4.8M. Is it a good deal?
  10. Re: My huge youth team! I've already sold some of the players that you guys told me to sell
  11. Re: My huge youth team! Lots of those players I put them in the transfer list now. I just have to wait for the offers and try to make some money
  12. Re: My huge youth team! Some of them I'm just waiting for the reviews and then I'll sel them
  13. Hey!! I have a problem. I need money and my youth team is huge so I need some help to know who to sell and who to keep. 16 years old: HALILOVIĆ, Alen IBE, Jordon VUTOV, Antonio BENNETT, Mason SINCLAIR, Jerome SCHRIJVERS, Siebe 17 years old: MELLING, Jacob ONGENDA, Hervin RUÍZ, Salva REKIK, Karim DONGOU, Jean Marie MAMUTE, Yuri COULIBALY, Souleymane COJOCARU, Valentin QUAYE, Paul RABIOT, Adrien SHAW, Luke TASSI, Lorenzo LOBANTSEV, Miroslav GORGIEV, Borko LUMU, Jeroen VILHENA, Tonny OLAUSSON, Joakim CAPILLA, Eneko SKRABB, Simon GNABRY, Serge GORETZKA, Leon
  14. Re: help with rises and decreases some changes. analize this teame, please My first team: PATRICIO, Rui GR 24 89 SANDRO, Alex DE/ME 21 87 ALABA, David DE/MC 20 88 DEBUCHY, Mathieu DD/MD 27 90 WALKER, Kyle DD 22 89 EVANS, Jonny DC/DE 24 89 CAHILL, Gary DC 26 89 DEDE, Vital DC 24 88 TIOTE, Cheick MDef/MC 26 89 CAPEL, Diego ME/Extremo 24 89 CABAYE, Yohan MC/MDef 26 90 BIGLIA, Lucas MC/MDef 26 89 ELIAS, Mendes MC/MDef 27 88 SCHAARS, Stijn MC/ME 28 89 RAMIREZ, Gastón MO/Extremo 21 88 MONTOLIVO, Riccardo MC/MO 27 91 THIAGO, Alcántara MO/MC 21 89 GRIEZMANN, Anto
  15. Re: lots of young players: sell or keep?? in my opinion: keep
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