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  1. Neuer Ter Stegen Leno Pique Hummels Badstuber Jones Papadopoulos Alaba Busquets Ozil Nasri Modric Hazard Gotze Sahin Kroos Gustavo Mouniain Tiago Gomez Neymar Balotelli Stay or rise?
  2. Re: alaba Yes,for sure earn and possibly will get a +2.But a +3 is very much,that's what I am saying.
  3. Re: Best XI under-22 Ter Stegen Hummels,Badstuber,Jones Kroos Mouniain,Gotze,Tiago,Hazard Balotelli,Neymar and I didn't write players like Ozil,who are 23
  4. Re: Some ratings I have to go to the doctor...I can't see well or I see silly things. Pato...all the year is injured and injured...3/5 games out... Ribery...an excellent season...
  5. In my team I have Ozil,Busquets,Nasri,Modric,Hazard,Gotze,Sahin,Kroos,Gustavo and Tiago.Due to conserns I have to sell one or two of them.I would like to know their rating in a year and their pick in order to decide who to sell.
  6. Re: toni kroos or thiago alcantara???? Both are very good players and I can't say who has the most potential.But Kroos will go to 91-92 faster than Tiago,cause he is playing foul team for team and country.
  7. Re: Help!!! Can I use Busquets in the place of Badstuber? Who will be the target man and the playmaker?
  8. Re: Agüero or Benzema? I doubt any of these two will rise by the end of the season.Benzema just rised and City won't won the EPL so Aguero won't a 95 rated player as Rooney. For me it is clear thd one you like and need(wing or am),personaly I would choose Aguero.
  9. Hello,my best players are Neuer Pique,Hummels,Badstuber,Gustavo,Jones Ozil,Busquets,Nasri,Modric,Hazard,Gotze,Mouniain,Kroos,Tiago Gomez,Neymar,Balotelli I usually play 3-5-2,what do you recomend and with what assignemets
  10. My best players are Neuer Pique,Hummels,Badstuber,Papadopoulos,Alaba,Gustavo,Jones Modric,Sahin(1),Busquets,Ozil,Nasri,Gotze,Kroos(2),Tiago,Hazard,Mouniain Neymar,Balotelli(2),Gomez but I have conserns,who sould i sell and who to keep? Whow to deal with conserns,in beacets are the level of consern.
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