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  1. I have him so he will rise in the next review?
  2. What do you think about Kacper Kozlowski?
  3. For my mental health?! That's the best joke I've ever got!
  4. Why so concerned over these emojis?... it sounds like you take this so badly.. I put these emojis for fun.. if you put these emojis on my posts I'd laugh because I wont give a f... because it's just soccermanager.com LOL no hard feelings so anyways El Ferrari in Barcelona we never call him as El Ferrari we call him Jordi Alba that's not needed to say El Ferrari.. It's youtube's surnames! I dont give a f. Obviously you are Milanista! you know nothing about Barca!
  5. Famalicao players should rise!!! Their ratings are SO LOW!!
  6. Same as here, I think he'd be 88 but he's one of the best La Liga players right now!
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