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  1. Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ? Didn't Mourinho publicly state he wants the Utd job when Fergy pops it... sorry.. leaves? I'd say it's between Mourinho and Guardiola for sure, I reckon the two clubs might of already spoken between themselves about it you know and think Fergy will leave after next season and be swiftly replaced by Guardiola, it all makes perfect sense haha. I can't see O'neil wanting to leave Villa any time soon tbh, he's invested and brought in a lot of young talent and I think he wants to develop the side he's pretty much molded himself. I think Villa might be a big force to reckon with come 2 seasons time.
  2. Re: Young players in big clubs - who will succeed Some really promising Liverpool youngsters haven't even been mentioned I'm shocked. Daniel Pacheco - really good young player, mainly an attacking midfielder, he's small but has tremendous dribbling ability, when I say tremendous I MEAN tremendous. He's featured once this season for Liverpool I think but he's really one to look out for. He's a great tactician, has great speed and good dribbling and one hell of a shot/cross. He reminds me of aaron lennon This is just one video of him, but the Liverpool Scouts are really happy with his progress, he's touted to be getting some starts next season ALONG WITH... This guy Daniel Ayala - another Spaniard, great defender... really strong and has good height. He's made a few appearences in the league this season. He's not a conventional center back though... he does like to push up and help with the attack and has the speed to track back if they get caught on the break. He has really good aerial coverage and like I said before has the strength to tussle with the PL's strongest and enough speed to make himself mobile in the box.
  3. Re: Young players in big clubs - who will succeed To break it to you I don't think he's got what i takes to succeed, not at united anyway. He's had very little experience so far (Premier league or otherwise...) and he's 21. 21 fair enough is still young but other Manchester United youngsters have all had much more playing time and loan moves than this guy. I don't think he really features in Man Utd's long term plans to tell you the truth. Example being Craig Cathcart who i'd place in front of De Laet in the 'pecking order' so to speak. He's a year younger and last season featured near enough every game for Plymouth and this season he's on loan at Watford and has made a fair few appearences.
  4. Re: refreshing change! He's alright but he never shone in the Premier league. He said he's returning to prove a point because he doesn't want to be remembered as a 'has been' of the premier league. So £1000 a week is what he's taking to prove himself. It's still hardly poor mans wages haha. He's worth it for that much a week, he could really help the hammers alongside McCarthy. I think West Ham have made some smart intake and I think they'll stay up just...
  5. Hey guys I know there's an official arsenal gossip thread but I think this subject requires a thread of it's own. Arsenal are struggling for one simple reason, they have no consistent striker. RVP is amazing yes, when he's not injured... which is lots. So we need to be real, it's inevitable that Arsenal are gonna have to splurge in the summer on that one special person, someone who'll step up and score the goals the gunners need. Let's face it, atm players are playing where they shouldn't be, especially Arshavin sometimes having to operate as a striker, he doesn't have that clinical ability to be a striker but he makes one hell of an AM/wing. What are your views on the current Arsenal Striker situation and who do you want/think the gunners will look into purchasing come the summer transfer window. Personally I think there's a few contenders... Chamakh is probably aq big target, while his goalscoring record isn't that amazing I think he could flourish at Arsenal, he'll have a better team around him and he could maybe do good things but we'll have to see if that's the case. I'd personally like to see the gunners take a chance on Romelu Lukaku, sure he's young, REALLY young but he already exhibits star quality, he's strong and tall which is needed in the premier league and he models himself off Didier Drogba and look at him now... What do you guys think?
  6. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions Nobody shoot me down but I think a fair few clubs will be interested in purchasing Owen in January. Fair enough... injury prone. Owen though has always been someone who a club could depend on and who will work for a ball. I think especially with his recent good displays at Newcastle some title contenders will be after him. I think Manchester City would be a very high possibility... Plenty of players who he can work with, good side, Owen + Robinho? I can see it. Since the club has just been bought by a Billionaire I doubt money will be an issue, that can be surely stated with the purchase of Robinho as well. I just think, he's a proven striker and he's getting some consistent form back, if he doesnt go an injure himself bizarely somehow before January I think anythings possible. It will be really interesting to see what happens with him, I can see some offers from out of the blue.
  7. Re: Keirrison de Souza Carneiro I don't actually know why he went down... it seems odd :S. He has been performing extremely well and tied top scorer last season. Washington is rated 89 and this kids growing in ability. Been playing since the age of 18 and really helped with promotion of the club. Switching from Serie B to Seria A has been no issue. Weird drop in rating. I'd still get him though. i think he's destined for good things
  8. Hey guys. I only recently started playing again but loving it xD. I'm sorry fi this guys already been mentioned but I think he's not getting spoken about enough. Last season the kid was joint top scorer in Brazils Serie A. Name: Keirrison de Souza Carneiro Age: 20 (December 3, 1988) Position: Striker Club: Coritiba Rating: 83 Stats: Appearences - 100 Goals - 53 Honours: Brazilian League Série A top scorer: 2008 (21 goals) Clubs interested apparently involve Liverpool, Barcelona and Real madrid but theres been concrete proof of Valencia apparently leading the race for his signature. A deal is suspected to happen in January. I'd really keep your eyes open for him guys. He's rated 83 at the moment which in my opinion is way too low anyway. 20 years old and already accomplished in his own countries league. I think he's destined for big things and has been overlooked o.o. Like I said I thought i'd post him. Sorry if he's already the find of someone else. Some references: http://www.goal.com/en-india/news/137/england/2008/12/01/991118/valencia-leading-12m-keirrison-race http://www.transfermarketweb.com/?action=read&idsel=26343 Make up your own mind. I only think its a matter of time before someone gets him. Star buy in my opinion. Can be yours for 4.7 Million. I THINK A GOOD INVESTMENT Lewz EDIT: ALREADY NOTICED HOWEVER!!!! I'd urge and persuade all thinking of making the purchase to do so. I think he's approaching a rating change of 83>87/88 even if he doesnt leave his current club. Very in form, young and showing no signs of slowing down.
  9. I think this kid might be moving in the Summer, he has long been the interest of many clubs including Man Utd, Juventus, Real Madrid and AC Milan. He's been called the next bext Montenegro born player to make it big abroard from his own country. He's been talking about alot on various articles online and most recently his success has been highlighted on sky sports on the show 'FIFA futbol Mundial' ATM he is rated at 87, he is 18 years old and can be yours for 9.1 Mil. Ofc I'm not sure about his progress as such with regards to a move but since recently turning 18 and having a good year of experience at FK Partizan I believe Summer may be the time clubs move in for him. He's also a Montenegro international at senior level and is Partizans Captain. Basically a kid which everyone should probably monitor as summer closes in. Be watching out for the big clubs making a move for him P.S : Haven't checked threads with search function to see if he's been talked about, I must apologise.
  10. Re: Kevin's Liverpool Rating Changes!!! I think bashing aggers rating down is terrible, he's a great defender and imo Liverpool regularly have to rely on their defence ALOT. I mean look at when John terry was injured you didnt see him FLYING down, agger does a lot, has a high work rate and just cos he's injured people are gonna ignore his minutes played and his performance? I think he should go down 1 AT MOST or stay the same since he's deserving an increase anyway just leave him as he is...
  11. Re: Yao Kouassi Gervinho - Le Mans ah well, I could of done better i'm sure but I did a trade for voronin + 1 mil, not that bad, hopefully in the future he'll be big, hopefully he might be signed by a big-ish club in summer
  12. Re: Yao Kouassi Gervinho - Le Mans Hey, can you link where the speculation about arsenal wanting him has come from? I'd really like to sign him if its a strong possibility, thanks .
  13. Re: Michael Bradley - Herenveen Is this guy the one I heard was being kept a close on by Everton?
  14. Ok, I Have a Liverpool side and I want to shift dead weight, are there any players for £2.2 million + a little give or take which I can snatch up. Obviously any young players would be great, anyone around my budget who will be good in the future? I'm selling Sami Hyypia, purely because I've got enough CB's and he just needs to go. Preferably a midfield player, under 25, but a player who may increase over time Any help will be really appreciated. Thank youuu
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