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  1. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Best player- Sergio Aguero Young Player- Aaron Ramsey Best Signing- Alvaro Negredo Biggest Flop- Fellaini Best team to watch- City (At Home) Worst sides to watch- Norwich Surprise Package - Southampton Biggest underachievers - Man Utd Manager Of The Season- Roberto Martinez Best Match- City 6 - 3 Arsenal Team of the season Howard Zabaleta- Lovren - Mertesacker - Shaw Jesus Navas -Yaya Toure - Ramsey - Nasri Suarez Aguero
  2. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict Group Stage Group A UAE 1-3 Uruguay Great Britain 2-0 Senegal (ESB) Senegal 1-1 Uruguay Great Britain 1-0 UAE Senegal 2-2 UAE Great Britain 1-1 Uruguay (FGS -sturridge ) Group B Mexico 2-3 Korea Republic Gabon 0-2 Switzerland Mexico 3-1 Gabon (ESB) Korea Republic 2-1 Switzerland Mexico 3-2 Switzerland (FGS -dos santos ) Korea Republic 4-1 Gabon Group C Belarus 1-1 New Zealand (ESB) Brazil 4-0 Egypt (FGS -neymar ) Brazil 3-1 Belarus Egypt 2-1 New Zealand Brazil 3-1 New Zealand Egypt 1-1 Belarus Group D Spain 3-1 Japan (FGS -mata ) Hon
  3. Re: Euro 2012 Predict final Spain 1 - 0 Italy (silva)
  4. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Portugal 1 - 3 Spain (ESB) Germany 2 - 1 Italy (FGS - klose)
  5. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Quarter Finals Czech Republic 1 - 2 Portugal (FGS - Ronaldo) Germany 3 - 1 Greece Spain 2 -1 France (ESB) England 1 -2 Italy
  6. Re: Euro 2012 Predict its okay, no problem.. just suggestion..how about we take it further.. who is gonna win euro.. my prediction is spain(again)
  7. Re: Euro 2012 Predict just wanna ask.. who is the person that calculate the point?? thread creator or self calculate??
  8. Re: Euro 2012 Predict cant wait when euro finally start look back to this and finding how stupid my prediction was.. i did it for fun though:D:D
  9. Re: Riferimento: Euro 2012 Predict Group matches Group A Poland - Greece 1-1 Russia - Czech Republic (ESB) 2-0 Greece - Czech Republic 1-3 Poland - Russia (FGS - ) arshavin 2-3 Czech Republic - Poland 0-1 Greece - Russia 0-3 Team 1 to progress:Russia Team 2 to progress:Poland Group B Netherlands - Denmark 3-0 Germany - Portugal 2-1 Denmark - Portugal (ESB) 0-2 Netherlands - Germany (FGS - ) reus 2-3 Portugal - Netherlands 1-3 Denmark - Germany 1-4 Team 1 to progress:Germany Team 2 to progress:Netherlands Group C Spain - Italy (FGS - ) iniesta 3-1 Ireland - Croatia 0-2 It
  10. Re: Hart or Neuer i think he will too.. but i still going for hart :p
  11. Re: De Gea i think he deserve it...
  12. Re: Jovetic yeah, u should keep him..great prospect
  13. Re: James Milner no he won't.. too much competition for the place at city
  14. Re: HUNTELAAR or NEGREDO ?? huntellar for me..has been immense this season.. ripped off gomez at top scorer list.. deff buy
  15. Re: silva, pique or marcelo???? agreed with others...silva the best of them all..
  16. Re: Most likely person to rise to 99 gonna make quote about this..good posting..
  17. Re: toure 94? deff deserve it i think especially when city win BPL
  18. Re: Yaya Toure to 94? deff deserve it.. has been performed realy well and played a huge part for the success of city this season.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... cos baloteli is so inconsistent..someday he play beast...someday he get sent off...
  20. Re: Official Manchester City Thread then next season,we have more option at attacking...
  21. Re: best 91 rated strikers huntellar is very good, deff buy him.. and to the guy above..he ask 91 rate player now... reus still have to prove himself at dortmund, dunno if he can break through starting 11..(just state my opinion);)
  22. Re: Official Manchester City Thread i think aguero will stay.. just look at his carrer record.. at atletico for about 4-5years,when the likes of torres and forlan move in-out of the club.. he is definitely a loyal player.. but i think he is more of ss player, need a partner who is a true goal scorer like cavani alongside him..(tevez is more like ss player so better sell him)
  23. Re: Lisandro Lopez for Giroud.. giroud all the way.. think he went to prem next season which is good to his rating cap..
  24. Re: Alonso for Munain accept it..muniain is great player but it will take him years to get the same rating as xabi..
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