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  1. I am in a gameworld where one manager sold Ter Stegen, Van Dijk, and De Bruyne to one team. All of them were sold for the lowest possible transfer amount. Once the new season started the same manager sold Mbappe to him for the lowest possible transfer amount even though I had made a larger transfer offer. There is a 3rd account in the gameworld that has sold Alexander-Arnold to this same team for the lowest possible transfer amount as well. I reported the multiple accounts and a ticket was made for that. However, I previously have tried reporting these deals and no ticket was ever made for them. It has been going on for a long time now where tickets are not made for transfers I report. The last one I see in my SMFA tickets was 2014. Nine of the 12 transfers I reported between 2012 and 2014 were overturned so I don't think I was abusing it. Has this feature been removed?
  2. So there's this manager in WC 1021 that I believe has made dubious transfers, but every time I report them it doesn't seem to work. It thanks me for reporting the transfer, but no ticket is ever made. Do tickets not get made for transfers anymore? The deals are pretty ludicrous. A manager with the same exact name as his joined the world and bought Van Persie off him for 50M and Xabi Alonso for 40M. Immediately after that, another account with a similar name to the first one joined and paid him 85M for Andres Iniesta and then quit the team immediately after the transfer was complete. Anytime someone pays that much money for a player that quickly, and then leaves that abruptly... it's pretty obvious isn't it.
  3. Does this mean you're finally going to start taking action against cheaters? I'm in a gameworld where 75 or so of the teams are controlled by one person. His main account has about 20 or so teams in other gameworlds, and every one of these 75 accounts have 4 or 5 other teams that are in the same gameworlds. Talk about inactivity? We've had four total transfers among all 80 teams in this gameworld for the last five turns because he thankfully can't sell to himself (except for when a player demands a transfer, then he can sell his 5.6M valued Ashley Young for a whopping 22.0M and his Ranieri Sandro for 18.0M; why aren't transfers subject to SMFA when the player has demanded a transfer?)... but he won't sell to anyone else either. These 75 accounts go 28 or 29 days without logging in, but they always do right before they lose the team. I've reported him and his teams countless times and what do I receive? "Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have now investigated and taken action against these accounts. Please let us know if you have any further issues. Regards Soccer Manager" What action are you taking against these accounts? None of them get removed and none of their reputations have decreased. I actually paid money all the way back in June of 2010 to reserve this team and I've put five years of work into building and maintaining it. We had a great group of managers in this world for years, but one by one they've all left because they can't put up with this cheater anymore. I don't want to give up on something I've put so much time into. How is it fair that this one guy can get away with this for so long?
  4. I'm in a gameworld where one of the managers has over 70 accounts. I've gone through every manager's club list and each manager has about five teams that are all in the same gameworlds as this one manager. Almost none of these accounts ever log in until they're just a few days away from losing their team and then once they do, they go another 25 or so days without being seen. Whenever the one manager has a player request a transfer, he gets an absolutely absurd bid from one of his other accounts. Unfortunately, there's no way to report a transfer deal when the player has requested a transfer so these deals never get undone. I've reported several of these teams as being controlled by the same person and every time SMFA removes the one manager, but within hours he has another account take back the team. SMFA never removes him from his main team though... maybe because he's a gold manager? I'm not sure. He's the common account I always report but nothing ever happens to that one despite all the others being removed one at a time. I've been with my team in this world since June 2010, I really don't want to leave it.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Xavi + De Vrij or Xabi Alonso
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Falcao or 8,430,000 + Llorente + Aubameyang
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Aguero = Mata + Nastasic? I have Aguero. I've needed a quality wing player opposite Ronaldo for quite some time now, but I'm not sure I should give up Aguero.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... David Silva + 10M for Aguero? I have Aguero
  9. Re: SMFA linked accounts This is really starting to bother me. I've been looking at transfers in a couple of my gameworlds that are borderline ridiculous and even though they've been reported, they weren't reversed. In one case, Ibrahimovic was sold for 4.5M + Correia Adriano + Toni Kroos and the manager who sold him left the team immediately after the deal was done. In another case, Vidic was sold for 10.0M + Luis Suarez. I didn't think the chairman would even let him be sold for that low a value. In the same gameworld, Cristiano Ronaldo was sold for 25.0M + Arturo Vidal + Claudio Marchisio. That's the bare minimum value for Ronaldo. But what bothers me the most is that when I offered 15.0M + Joe Hart + Jeremy Toulalan for Thiago Silva... SMFA blocked the deal. That adds up to a value of 50M, I can only even offer up to 52M.
  10. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? Someone once gave me 72.9M + Casillas for Julio Cesar when they were both 95s. It was almost the worst deal too because he originally offered me Casillas for Cesar straight up and I rejected it. He kept offering more money and I kept turning it down until it was too much to pass up. If I wasn't so ignorant about soccer at the time I would've accepted it right away and missed out on all that money or even worse I might be stuck with Cesar right now.
  11. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I love it too, but... It said my team has set a new club record with 18 games unbeaten in a row and then half an hour later for the same team it said it had set a new club record with 19 games unbeaten in a row. And now, about another 45 minutes have gone by and my unbeaten streak is up to 20. I've only gone 14 games without a loss....
  12. Has anyone else noticed that when you go to add a new club and go to club search, on the dropdown to select the gameworld type there's no longer an option to select European or World Championships? They don't show up on the game world name search either. Am I just not looking in the right place or were these options taken away?
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