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  1. Re: English Championship 1 Could you stay on the look out for vacancies of Rochdale and Rotherham please Dave. jobs been offered to two inactive managers and looks like they will be available to the public in 5 days. My profile is here: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=1488537 I am on your friends list so please offer either job to me should any arise. Look forward to joining you, many thanks, Scott mcfaden/anderson
  2. Re: English Championship 1 As I said it is up to EC1 top managers to decide whether or not I should be offered a job in this great set up. Managers like Johnny Eller, Dave Leigh, James Bolton, marcos etc etc
  3. Re: English Championship 1 I do not know mate, I believe the manager resigned yesterday. This would mean that the job may become available to managers outside EC1 on Saturday the 4th April 2015 at 6 am GMT.
  4. Re: English Championship 1 Yeah Great news this! Would be cool If both us Forumers could get in Nikidinho, I will definently look out for you if I manage to get in!! https://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php Fellow active EC1 forumer here, but yet to join the gameworld. If there are Any vacancies in the next few days then please send me a friend request and offer the vacancy to my profile. A link to my profile: https://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php Many thanks, look forward to joining you all!! Scott "Anderson" mcfaden
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Deep down you all know I am the best candidate for fresh blood in EC1, most dominant manager in the set up one gameworld lower down than EC1. I would not need to promise to be competitive, my SM profile history proves it. Won Div 1 of EC2 four times, more than any other current manager and more times than any manager in EC2's illustrious history. Malcolm despite our long term differences, even you cannot argue with the facts I mention. However, I cannot decide if I'm worthy of joining EC1. That is for current EC1 top managers to decide. Take a look at my profile History: # The Great Lord Scott 'conqueror' Anderson #. EC2 - Conquered, would love the opportunity to conquer EC1. (No Brock Lesnar streak conquering copy infringement intended lol) A link to my profile & evidence of my EC2 history, should anyone wish to offer me a job and bring me to the Great EC1 setup. Link to my SM Profile: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php
  6. Re: English Championship 1 Lord Scott Anderson here... Have been managing Newcastle United in English Championship 2. One game world lower than EC2. To date I have won Div 1 of EC2 four times. More than any current manager I.e mister malcolm.... and won Div 1 more times than any manager In EC2'S illustrious history... I.e Tebthereb, Rajesh Achanta, Stephen Hornton etc etc. I feel it is time for me to step down from EC2. I've achieved all I wanted to in EC2. I would love the opportunity to start from the bottom in EC1 and prove myself amongst Soccer Managers best and most competitive managers ..The only way for me to do that is if anyone reading could offer me a vacant club in EC1. My account name is # Lord Scott 'The Conquerer' Anderson #. take a look at my profile and my history in EC2 & you decide if my no. Of trophies and league position finishes would make me a good addition to EC1. Finally, add me as a friend :-) always open to talk transfer negotiations :-) four time EC2 Div 1 winner Lord Scott Anderson.
  7. Re: English Championship 2 It's Impossible for cheating allegations to go away with Marsden & Micheal H looking on with envy. That's just how managers like them become after such a long time a competitive GW with nothing to show for it!
  8. Re: English Championship 2 Imagine if one of you lot had not taken adra Turan away from st James:(, adra behind paloschi would have been siiiiiiiiik :cool:
  9. Re: English Championship 1 Scott Anderson/ Mcfaden here, any vacancies comming up soon in EC1?
  10. Re: English Championship 2 Chelsea lose 1st game of the season!!! Arsenal draw!! Great news for Nottingham forest and Newcastle who both win convincingly
  11. Re: English Championship 2 hey everyone Newcastle manager here... Ive pretty much done everything there is to accomplish in EC2, won the league twice in 3 seasons finishing runner up in between the title wins. And now I want to manage in EC1 but there are never any vacancies!
  12. Re: English Championship 1 I want to get into EC1!! I have won the div 1 EC2 seasons Twice in 2 seasons now! and the season I didnt I finished runner up!!! Its time for me to take a step up
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