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  1. Hello everybody, I coach a kids soccer team in the age between 13-16. Soccer improves fitness, promotes teamwork and is a lot of fun. Kids soccer should focus on the fun side of the sport. For youngsters, fostering a love and understanding of the game is just as important as winning matches. So, I need some basic tip that what training should be very useful for youth soccer. Any suggestion and info are much appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Alexis Allen
  2. Hi Friends, I am a kids soccer coach ages seven-eight and we had our first game last weekend. We won, but despite my best efforts many still crowded the ball and completely forgot their positions. Any more idea please share with me that will best for me. Thanks, Alexis Allen
  3. Re: youth team Hi friends, In my point of view Youth groups come in many sizes and purposes, from sports teams to church groups to extracurricular clubs. If you lead a group of youth and you want to encourage them to work cohesively as a team, consider planning team-building activities for your next meeting. These fun activities will build a sense of teamwork and togetherness in your youth. When youth work together to solve problems, they learn to appreciate each other's differences and talents. Problem-solving activities can help them get to know the strengths and weaknesses in one another, and learn to work together toward a common goal. Thanks Alexis Allen Soccer Franchises
  4. Hello Guys, Give me some answers this is for a research project! What should I do to insure that my boys (their 3 & 1) have every opportunity to be soccer players? We plan to move to England or Spain, when they're old enough for clubs. Can anyone suggest me? Best Regards. Alexis Allen
  5. Re: Do player attributes affect their performance Hey friends Player attributes are split into three catagories on each player's profile. These are technical, mental and physical. An understanding each attributes in terms of its effect on a player's game and its interaction with other attributes is important knowledge. Listed separately are the key attributes for every player's role and duty as well as important combinations of attributes used by players to perform basic action in every match. Thanks Alexis Allen
  6. Hi guys What is the difference between the sports marketing and sports management course in college? Can anyone help me this topic? Thanks and regards AlexisAllen
  7. Hi everyone, Seems like an odd place to put a sports franchise , What's the story behind them getting a team? How did they get a team when there were so many bigger cities at the time without one? Thank in advance Alexis Allen
  8. Hi, Very few one car teams are left and only one are in the top 35. Yates is becoming competitive, and Petty/Red Bull are becoming more consistent, but other than hat those are the only teams that have a competitive part in NASCAR of teams that have two teams or less. Within the next, say, 10 years, I think there will be about 11 or twelve 4-car teams in the sport. What's your opinion? Any advice you can give is appreciated! Thanks and regards AlexisAllen
  9. Re: Can we see the match??? Hello, I would like to say, No It's possible to see the match, Best regards Alexis
  10. Re: Stadiums Hello friends, A modern stadium is a place or venue for (mostly) outdoor sports, concerts, or other events and consists of a field or stage either partly or completely surrounded by a structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the event. Regards Alexis
  11. Hello friends, Nearly every child plays soccer, it is the most popular children's sport in the USA. As these children grow older I feel Soccer will be the most popular. It is very exciting to watch my children play such a stimulating sport. Regards Alexis
  12. Re: Score Centre: Suggested Features Hello friends, Thanks for sharing your information, Really I am highly appreciated here. Best regards Alexis
  13. Re: Other Clubs Interested ?/Transfers Remember that many exchange are canceled 90 days previous to the beginning date if there are not enough interested people. So if you are interested in an exchange, please make your interest known to the exchange director well in advance of the exchange, if possible. Once a minimum number is attained, more people can often be added. Best regards Alexis Allen
  14. Re: SMFA linked accounts The SMFA can prevent a manager from entering a Game World if they believe they already have an account in or are linked to an account already within the Game World. However, this does not mean that the SMFA have accused you of cheating, as they have only blocked you to ensure the Game World remains fair. If the SMFA have blocked you from entering a Game World, they will not reverse their decision and it is advisable to try and enter another Game World. Regards:cool: Alexis Allen
  15. Re: Player jersey number For some, jersey numbers are just that—numbers. No special meaning, no significance. Just a number. The following is a list of the greatest players (in my opinion) to wear each jersey number, from 1-57 (with a few extras just for fun). I chose players based on their individual statistics, post-season performances (if applicable), league awards and accolades and overall impact on the player's team and the sport as a whole. Best regards:cool: Alexis Allen
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