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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... SELL SELL SELL! Villa is old, Sanchez has a chance at 93, definitely in the future. That's a great deal for you.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My KROOS for WILLIAN and GORETZKA??? I have a strong CM, with Schweinsteiger, Xabi Alonso, De Rossi, Wilshere, David Silva etc. Shall I deal?
  3. D_D


    Re: Insigne His MOTM performance in the Coppa Italia final, in which he scored 2 goals should go a long way to giving him a +1.
  4. Someone wants to buy Alaba in my gameworld, and I'm thinking the pairing of De Gea and Sanchez will do it? NOTE: I have Marcelo too, so I'm not losing anything in my first XI. I have Casillas, so De Gea's long term cover for him, and Sanchez will give me options, as my current forwards are Cavani, Muller and Levezzi. Thoughts?
  5. Re: Neymar vs Muller 100% Neymar. I think he has higher potential, but also Neymar attracts a lot more interest in every gameworld I play in.
  6. D_D


    Re: Need Help --- Very Strong Team What stands out straight away is the use of XAVI as a target man. He isn't in an advanced enough position to play that role in my opinion. Fabregas, or at a push, one of your wingers could be used as a target man. I wouldn't use a target man in that system. With that abundance of quality, I'd consider slowing the game down to NORMAL, change the passing to SHORT and drop the OFFSIDE TRAP. This should give you plenty of possession, and with quality players like you have, you will have more of the ball, and should create more chances. As for Messi, I've had success with him playing him as the number 9, him as target man, and I used the tactic USE TARGET MAN, which led to him having/scoring most of my team's chances.
  7. Re: Iniesta deal? I think Iniesta is like Xavi of 2 years ago. The best Midfielder on the game. However, look at Xavi now. You'd accept Vidal OR Reus for your Xavi. Long term, Medium term, and even short term in a teamt hat isn't elite, I'd say it's a good deal. However, if you have a team full of 93+ players already, keep Iniesta. In normal circumstances though, I'd say DEAL.
  8. Re: Young forwards Icardi is performing well at Inter, a good club. He's playing well NOW, not just potential. Certainly a no-brainer if available.
  9. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers I'm in! Really want to join a fresh gameworld. As for the type of gameworld, that's up to you. I'm game for anything.
  10. Re: Cazorla or Podolski?! If position isn't an issue, probably Podolski, due to the Arsenal factor, and because will will be starting for Germany at the Euros. Just look at Muller, good world cup, up to 93 (overrated imo) Cazorla is Malaga's star man this year, IF they get champion's league this season, which they likely will, they'll add a lot of quality to the squad and push on, which could see Cazorla rise. Also remember Cazorla can play across the midfeild...
  11. Re: XAVI, Hernández Don't sell. I'd only exchange for an Ibra, Rooney etc. Modric isn't overrated in my opinion so hold on to him. With big clubs sniffing round him, and the fact he's Tottenham's player of the year he won't fall.
  12. Re: Shall I Sell Aguero for Hazard/Podolski/De Bruyne? I reckon Vidals on for a +1 , thats whats swinging it for me
  13. Re: Shall I Sell Aguero for Hazard/Podolski/De Bruyne? Cheers guys! Also could you help with this deal: selling Yaya for Arturo Vidal + Diego Ribas and 10,000,000
  14. I have Aguero in a busy WC, i play a 4-2-3-1 with Rooney leading the line. Shall I sell for Hazard, who will start, Podolski who will be cover and De Bruyne for his potential? NOTE: I will probably have to buy Podolski for the chairman's price of 13,700,000 need advice ASAP!
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