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  1. Re: Need Some Tactical Help play adriano as the lone forward with target man on
  2. Re: Defender Doesnt really matter... i tried switching my D in all 4 positions in denfence but thr hasnt really been a difference..
  3. Re: I need help and fast Ill say no, but if u are real poor, then accept. I wonder if it will go through though. Benzema is likely to increase to 91 but anderson will not exceed 90 yet, so if u want the 20m, accept, if not, dont.
  4. Re: Just Recieved Money It really depends on your squad, which department u lack. I suggest u can go for a few young players, fazio, tony kroos, and co.
  5. Re: I need help and fast juninho is wonderful atm but hes surely gonna drop, so sell him imho. Dont sell benzema unless u really cant resist.
  6. Re: david silva, robinho and others It depends on ur squad. I think robinho is usually better as a striker? Btw, aguero shouldn't get to 92. He will, someday, but i think atm 91 is ok.
  7. Re: RVN Yea, RvN is wonderful... both in sm or the real world. In my setup the madrid manager managed to get RvN score 28 goals and 23 assists... amazing and in real world, hes also great for madrid.
  8. Re: Sell rooney for kaka? How do you know hes a united fan? Well, it really depends on ur team really, if u need a midfielder or striker.
  9. Re: Sunderland help Whats ur formation? if its me i'll go for counter attack and use target man, normal mentality. And i thought u were getting rid of kuyt? He's been a shadow of himself last season, especially with the arrival of torres. You could sell kuyt for around 11m and thats a fair bit of cash. Ill go for kuyt + cash for mutu/forlan/robbie keane( i think he desreves 93, he's scored 30 goals in around 40 games according to a newspaper).
  10. Re: CF or F?? Ive always had more success with 2 cfs, if i have a cf and f i tend to go for a 4411 formation, but i have never got to score as many goals as in 442. E.g. my Bayern munich team:Toni(cf) yakubu(cf) scored 8 goals in 4 matches (toni 5, yakubu 3). My valencia team: 4411, Villa (f) Klose(cf) scored 5 goals in 4 matches, so i think an f is slightly more supportive (villa had loads of assists:D ) while a cf is sloghtly better in scoring. At least thats what i think.
  11. I found this kid-Luka MODRIC Squad: Senior Squad Age: 22 years old Born: 9 September 1985 Nationality: Croatian Croatian Position: Central Midfield/Attacking Midfield (CM/AM) Rating: 91 Last Rating Change: 1 SM Value: Help: SM Player Valuation £8,734,000 Contract: 4 Years - £44,000 per Turn And i badly need a cm, so i was wondering if he is worth 22m+(chariman value) I'm not sure if he will increase or decrease, i'm not familiar with croatian football any help is welcomed.
  12. Re: I Need Advise Guys Yea, but with 50m u can buy almost any players u want right?
  13. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes Clichy 92 will be a little too fast i think 91 should be ok. Adebayor should warrant a 91 his form for arsenal-9 goals until now. Van persie if he doesnt become injured that often should be 93. As for fabregas, if rooney and ronaldo are 96, i dont see y he is a 94. hleb is an important player now at arsenal his partnership with fabregas is perfect 92 should be alright. Sagna, i dont like his hair but i rate him highly-pushed eboue out so 91.92 should be ok. Walcott, a handy sub, lol, should get an 88, any lower is a disgrace.(too harsh, maybe? ) Toure and gallas should both get to 95, hasnt been letting in a lot of goals. As for almunia, playing in the premier league and a regular for arsenal, 90/91 should be alright for him.
  14. Re: Emergency Rating Changes!! Kuyt for an increase? I think he needs a decrease, nothing special has came out from him this season. Shevchenko should remain 93, torres for 95, hes been wonderful. he now has the same amount of goals as ronaldo, so 95 should justify. Voronin, i think, should remian, though he hasnt been playing regularly now. Caragher should remeain 94, hes been infuencial. And almunia should rise to 90, he has been grat for arsenal, if not wonderful. Playing at the premier league with this kind of performances deserves at least a 90.
  15. Re: Oubina, Cana, Ziani, Niang...worth keeping? Niang could get to a 90, hes on top from for marseille. Nakamura, though he is the best player in scotland, should be 91. Its scotland, not england! 92 will be reasonable for kerzhakov though.
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