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  1. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Hey guys, me and a couple of mates have a YouTube channel (link is in my signature) and we've got a FIFA 13 Career Mode series up. Started with Wigan Athletic with the series titled, "Wiganna Win The League" with the ultimate goal being to win the PL with Wigan. The series will go through anything and everything associated with trying to get to that title, including cup runs, transfers and all sorts of fun stuff. The playlist link below has the whole series, would it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a look, and if you like it, stick around to keep up with it If you do check this out and do go on to watch one of the videos, then thank you very much
  2. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Really struggling with attacking in the game at the moment, at the back I'm like a rock and have hardly conceded any in my last couple of games, however when it comes to attacking I'm hardly scoring any either. I usually play a lot of possession football and utilise the LB button in order to make the forward runs, has anyone got any suggestions in maybe how I could modify my attacking play to garner more success?
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread ?v=x7LvTjuVhh8 A channel that me and a fellow user (Ashh) have up, our new FIFA12 series called "Winner Stays On" Please check it out and like, comment, favourite and subscribe for more content. The series is something we've not seen on YouTube before so it'd be great to get some feedback off everyone. If you do, thankyou for watching
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Started up an Atletico Madrid the other day, wanted a team with a decent 8 figure budget with strength in depth so Atletico looked like a great team to go with. Had a bit of a reshuffle, selling around 6 first teamers and then around 6 reserves as well, completely streamlined the squad and got rid of all the dead-wood. First game of the season my team was looking like this (in a 4-2-3-1 formation): Courtouis Van Der Wiel Vertonghen Samba Filipe M'Bia Gabi Diego Turan Carlos Eduardo Falcao Also signed El Shaarawy on loan from Milan for the season, great impact player for a big league like Liga BBVA, pace and skills are immense against the defence when they are tired, has won me a lot of games from his sub appearances! Also signed a striker from DC United called Achachbar for £1m on Deadline Day, 17 year old with 4* skills and over 80 pace, was an absolute bargain, has sometimes put Falcao out the side! I'm running up the January now though so wondered if anyone had any recommendations for players I should maybe have a look at, or anyone I should sell on for new talents coming in?
  5. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Not particularly, we've done pretty darn well considering it's our first season back for a while, no question our league position would probably be better had he still been in our team, but do I miss him? Do I heck
  6. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread Along with the news below, in relation to the charges made earlier on this year, three Brighton players and a Bournemouth player have been charged with a sexual assault and voyeurism charge today. I can't see this being good news for us at all, a lot of bad press will be coming our way in the near future.
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