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  1. Re: Forumer of the Year 2012 I second this, or Synyster. Not fussed which one.
  2. Re: I am leaving the forum because.... I'm not the most up to speed with all the more recent forumers and for that I apologize, but I will provide some of you with a small hint of what I remember the forum to be. R0b Walshe SkyBlueLee Baseball Furie DonkeyPunch (Dimmick) Kylan N17 Sefton and of course.. Me
  3. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Nice to see everybody has faith in Norwich here. Its not about 'Premier League' quality, look at teams such as West Ham. They had players that were regarded as 'Premier League' quality and lets be honest, they sucked this season! Its nice to see a manager signing players which he calls 'hungry' but I do think a bit of experience is needed, even if its just a level head in the dressing room for the younger/less experienced players to look to, even if he doesn't play a big part on the pitch. I think we'll stay up next season, just. Also Lambert hasn't signed all the players he wanted. He says he's always on the lookout for new players, but personally the squad depth we have at the moment I don't really think we need anyone else. Except to get a new 2nd choice keeper as I really don't like Rudd.
  4. Re: Building Your Own PC It doesn't really matter which processor you get. AMD's do run slightly faster but if you have a decent cooling system then theres nothing to be worried about. All the computers I have ever owned bar my lappy have been built by me and my father. And only once have I owned an Intel, rest have been AMD. Currently I run an AMD Athlon X2 64 bit Dual Core. Nothing special, but it does the job. I'd recommend having a look at This as all the computers in my workplace run on them and coupled with a decent motherboard and RAM etc they are soooooo quick. If you need any help, you have my facebook.
  5. Re: Subscription help... Best ask SM themselves see if theres a problem at their end. But, you could have blocked the emails accidentally? Or they could be going into your spam folder? Make sure you check every folder as they could be rerouted or something.
  6. Robocod

    SM Shop query

    Re: SM Shop query Your probably best off emailing SM Support or sending a ticket. or It might just be something you previously added to your cart accidentally?
  7. Yes I nicked the idea from Synyster. Yes thats right, to save you lot some dosh, I shall be hosting a FIFA 10 World Cup tournament. If anyone is interested in taking part or helping organise stuffs, please either post here or send me a friend request on XbL, my gamertag is: The Robocod UK
  8. Re: Biggest bust in history Thats not right. However I do love the pic with all the money and the guns on top. The silencer is about twice the size of the actual gun. Golden guns too, shame they're all gonna be seized and melted down or whatever. Would make a lot of money for the government.
  9. Robocod

    Mini :-)

    Re: Mini :-) If you want a cheap car with cheap insurance, you should take a u-turn at the nearest mini and drive 500 million miles away. Mini's are not cheap to insure, as they are highly sought after and if an 17/18 year old or whatever gets his/her hands on one, the insurance companies think: Ahh monies! and charge you a billion pounds. Your best off starting with something like a Mk1 Renault Clio, or a Ford KA. Will post more later if you want more advice, but don't go for a Mini.
  10. Re: Your favourite old school PC game ! Has to be the one and only! CAPTAIN COMIC. The year was 1987, and its only pixels moving in a pixel environment. But I loved it and still do, even though its older than me.
  11. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread
  12. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Ahhh the fun. Tis a shame really, although I think I got a few more screenshots somewhere... and Elliot talking about him and his family...
  13. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Try now.
  14. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Thought I'd post this here as it may be of interest to followers of this thread. http://soundcloud.com/robocod1/heart-of-glass-tgp Its not finished as of yet due to time restrictions, but that is part of my A2 Music Technology coursework. We were given a choice of Heart of Glass - Blondie, which I chose, or to do Superfreak - Rick James. There are some volume issues and some iffy bits, for example the vocals aren't perfectly in time and theres no guitar, but all will be sorted by the final version penned for release sometime in July. Opinions please.
  15. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread. Just thought I'd nip on here and say goodbye to the League 1 thread, as I will no longer need to use it. GOING UP UP UP!
  16. Re: CD Review Thread Right kiddies, its time for another review by your own favourite music reviewer! Yes thats right, the sequel to the much acclaimed "Space Ship One" review is here! This time lets put Rammstein to the test with their newest album "Liebe ist fur alle da" Now, too look at, this is a slightly disturbing album, and the boys from Germany have gone pretty over the top this time, offering the special edition for well in excess of £200, but if you were to look it up, you would see why. "Rammlied" kicks off the album, and for the record it has to be the best song on the album. Starting off slow, it gradually builds up into a full on riff with the word "Rammstein" being sung throughout. Easily my favourite, 9.0 "Ich tu dir weh" follows with a more electronic start, with intermittant guitar parts in the introduction dominating the more digitally produced part. In comes the heavy riff and cascading drums for a head first mosh fest, gotta love it. 8.5 "Waidmanns Heil" is next up with a more orchestral start than its predecessor, but like "Ich tu dir weh" it kicks in straight away with a massive riff and fast paced drum beats to awaken the senses to the epicness that is maruading out from the speakers (Or headphones if your that much of a geek) Easily on a par with the above, 8.7 A more rhythmic song, "Haifisch" relies much more on bass and electrical programming for its driving rhythm and builds up to the chorus, which does not dissappoint. However with no epic riffness in the song, it can only be awarded a decent score of 7.0 One of the best starts to a song I've heard for a while, "B********" (Yes thats the name, with all the stars) has a superb almost D'n'B start to it, which carries on until the riff comes in soon after the drums. A superb opening riff and interesting vocal choice gives this a firm 8.0 "Fruhling in Paris" is an acoustic song. However, I will review it. The acousticness is typical Rammstein, after the hits with "Los" (Reise Reise) and "Ein Lied" (Rosenrot) The boys from Germany decided to try their luck at another acoustic number, and it doesn't fail to please. Partly sung in French, it demonstrates the singers multi-lingual capabilities in a song which has some distorted guitars in the chorus, but not epic riffage, however, I will give it a 7.5 Possibly the weakest song on the album, "Wiener Blut" starts off with a early 20th century style intro with strings playing through some rubbish speakers, but the song steadily gets better until the riff comes in. Till saves the day with some good lyrical choices and the guitars are again flawless. 7.0 Much critisised for its video, P*ssy (as in cat) tells the story of a German band looking for short term partners. Musicality is good and the song is VERY catchy, and its half in English too which helps bring the moral of the song across. However, it should be noted that the song has extreme lyrical values and very graphic scenes detailed by the singer. 8.5 (18+ age) The title song, had to be good didn't it. "Liebe ist fur alle da" starts off with some form of a guitar duel between the two guitarists, Richard and Paul, until they seem to join forces for the main riff, which has to be described as epic, because it just is. Possibly the best technical song produced to date by Rammstein, well worth the title of title song. 9.0 "Mehr" has the unfortunate job of being after "Liebe ist fur alle da" and so has to be awesome to live up to uts predecessor. Unfortunately, its just good, not mega like "Liebe" Its still very good by any standards, and fully deserves its place on one of the best albums of Industrial metal. 8.0 Closing the album then we have "Roter Sand" which starts off with some whistling. Lovely. Another semi-acoustic song with elements of massive distortion with clean guitar. A slower song to finish the album, after the pulse raising beginning, a nice relaxing song to finish. Top notch, 8.0 So whats the overall album rating then Mr Tom? Well, I would have to give the album a 9/10, because I don't believe 10/10 should be given unless every song is perfect, and unfortunately for Rammstein, the same applies here. Still a worthy album to spent £12 on and even if you ignore all the lyrics, some of the riffs are mindblowingly good.
  17. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 How do you know? Its been suggested on the infinity ward forums many times, and they usually listen to them.
  18. Re: Dealing with Sore losers??
  19. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread. Lets have a name and shame shall we? Darel Russell sent off for nothing, Chris Martin booked for nothing, couple Southampton players booked for nothing, no advantages played, whistlesblown too early? Russell Booth: Profile Now, go and play with traffic please Russell. Also, Leeds Draw 1-1 with Brighton.
  20. Re: Championship Manager 97/98 UPDATED VERSION You could just double their SM Rating? eg Casillas, 96 x 2 = 192? Only a thought.
  21. Re: what do u think about me Why do you care? Making pointless threads like this isn't gonna do your 'voting' any favours.
  22. Robocod


    Re: Mugshots Fail Point. Should be pointing to the sky not the wall parallel with your eyes. Pay attention boy!
  23. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 If its on the 360, you can always dashboard it and your KD won't be saved.
  24. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Massive lol. Although to be fair, if they were camping, I could forgive 4 for 16.
  25. Re: Games Controllers, How would you design or enhance an original design? Make the R2 and L2 buttons better, alter the shape slightly so its a bit taller too. Its way too short for the people with bigger hands. Ergonomically, the Xbox 360 controller is the best thing I've used, because its about the right shape, try crossing the Xbox and PS3 controllers together and see what you come up with. (:
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