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  1. Re: finances help.....!
  2. Re: finances help.....! It probably means your wages are high. Wages are automatically paid to your squad at every turn, and your budget will be deducted by that amount. Under your Club tab, select the Finances tab. Your accounts appear here. You will notice that you can make a lot of money through Gate Receipts. However, you can only make this money during home games, obviously. This is why it is always easier to manage a club, with a massive stadium. Hope this helped.
  3. Re: Paul Pogba Wow. Pass the bong indeed.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd do the 3rd offer' date=' mainly because of leitner. He will probably play a more important role, in the upcoming season. Na that would be taking a step backwards. Piszczek is due a rise. Keep him.
  5. Re: Young RB's with potential In order of preference: Danilo Luiz Mattia De Sciglio Sime Vrsaljko
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Martin Skrtel and Laurent Koscielny. I need to sell one, in order to cut down my wage bill. I really am torn, because both players were very good last season. They were both the best defenders of their respective clubs. In fact, Skrtel was probably Liverpool's player of the season. Whom should I sell, and why?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The ones in bold are the best.
  8. Re: Marco Verratti He is officially a PSG player now. This quote is from NDTVSports.com
  9. Re: Can gameworld owners banish other managers SMFA can ban managers for cheating!? I didn't know that. There's this really idiotic manager in my GW, who constantly takes over different clubs, and tries to complete some dubious transfers, to benefit his main club, which he has been managing for a long time. I report all his transfers, and they usually get reversed. This season alone, after 5 league matches having been played, 4 of his transfers have been reversed. But he isn't banned yet. How am I supposed to get him banned???
  10. Re: actual matches in the game world substitutions You cannot make substitutions during the game, and you cannot actually "see" the game as it is being played. You will have to select your substitutions beforehand, by opening your TACTICS tab, and then opening in game instructions. Read the help section of SM. There is a section called GETTING STARTED. Everything is explained perfectly there.
  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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