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  1. Re: World Championship 20000? Leigh Davies steered Roma to victory against Atl├ętico Madrid. Roma beat Atl├ętico Madrid 1 - 0 in their Division 2 fixture. Rossi scored the winner for Roma and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. possibly not fully deserved but happy with the result
  2. Re: European Championship 2930 (OPENED!) Villarreal 2 - 0 liverpool a good win as i was forced to rest a few players and give a few second string players a game. also a must win to retain 1st place in division 3
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i am bayern and have 2 potential deals with tottenham in the works. ribery - modric. straight swap kroos + boesteng OR muller - bale any advice on either would be much appreciated
  4. Re: World Championship 20000? very happy to get rossi in upfront, finally have a bit of versatility up there now. de rossi will leave a big gap in my midfield but it gives sissoko the chance to show what he can do
  5. Re: World Championship 20000? 2-0 win over tottenham i know its only a friendly but having been playing terribly in all the previous ones, this is welcome relief lol
  6. Re: World Championship 20000? cant say im that happy with my squad so far, struggling to bring players in, still need at least 1 defender 1 midfielder and 1 atacking midfielder/winger of at least 90/91 rating. still looking to exchange de rossi but ideally want 2 players for him in the positions mentioned
  7. Re: World Championship 20000? Managed to bring in Moussa Sissoko who was my alternative choice to my extremely pointless attempt for m'vila which gives me a bit more depth in centre midfield. now just need to find a couple of defenders and another winger and attacking midfieder
  8. Re: World Championship 20000? damn thats annoying, i was hoping to get tottenham from the start and that guy beat me to it, ah well
  9. Re: World Championship 20000?
  10. Re: World Championship 20000? suppose it all comes down to how each manager values each player and whats needed in the team. if the player adds more to the team than the 2 exchanged then its a good deal
  11. Re: World Championship 20000? llorente on the way in exchange for osvaldo and borini. that gives me a 1st choice forward in at least for those enquiring about de rossi. i am willing to sell. but ideally want 2 players in exchange. including a cm
  12. Re: World Championship 20000? struggling to get the players in i want. de rossi, totti and osvaldo all available for the right offer/exchange
  13. Re: World Championship 20000? didnt get my 1st choice so decided to give roma a go. would consider letting de rossi go for a good exchange, would take a big offer though just a heads up, i aologise to the few people who have tried to contact me via chat. for some reason the chat box will not open on my laptop so cannot reply while on there anyway, good luck all
  14. Re: World Championship 20000? yeah looks like no reserving has gone out the window?
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