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  1. I'm sure I mentioned I was buzy with work but thanks ...
  2. sent 20 ...no snuffling my prime cookies of player ethier
  3. Stands up...* nom nom * were are the cookies as promised nom nom
  4. In I cant seem to work out soccer pedia ...in finding teams with 20K stadiums might be a lil early yet... I'll blame the lack of sugar in take ...aka lack of cookies ... help The exact metholody in laymans terms ...cheers P.S. I might have some spare cookies for the best an I can understand answer
  5. heres mine awesomeness lot Warning ...sit down,an hold your sides http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbJwwJ33TEI Turn 1 Summary Season Week: 2016-01-24 Starting Balance 299,318,536 Season Income 1,044,916 Weekly Income 363,452 Season Expenditure 289,089,900 Weekly Expenditure 1,585,900 Current Balance 11,273,552 Weekly Balance -1,222,448
  6. Huds an I have agreed on a club swop **psst I couldnt refuse his cookies bribe **
  7. Huds an I would like to swap clubs ...he wants the pools, an I want the ton of cookies
  8. oh dear were only got half of the SM t/l list with 59 ....thinks the last incumbant wanted to play golf
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