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    i am strong as an oax
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    Won the league lately and thats it. But loooking for more silverware.
  1. i have been watching several arsenal games and i am abouslte shocked how good fabregas is :| hes a beast and also his stats are amazin 10 goals and 15 assits in 20 games so far this season and he scored another 2 goals today. is he already better then xavi? is he ready to start for spains 1st eleven in world cup 2010? does he deserve a rating higher or the same as xavi?
  2. Re: Your Serie A XI julio cesaer maicon----chilenii----nesta----chivuu (been great all season) sneijderr---de rossi---diego ribas--hamsikk milito---patoo
  3. Re: Help with homework thread... Hi i have got a coursework in my college to do and i have got no clue what it is about can anyone explain what i have to write about and what those 3 skills are :S the task question is Describe what is meant by ‘Presentation skills’. Describe what is meant by ‘Interpersonal skills’. Describe what is meant by ‘Communication skills’.
  4. Re: Daniel Jarque Aged 26 dies of heart attack. R.I.P really sad news when i saw this now :(
  5. Re: The Best Midfielder ever is.. dm - cambiasso cm - muntari am - stankovic
  6. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? i wouldnt say inter going to win next yr CL but maybe a good chance next next year as they now building and getting the right players. i would say barcelona or chelsea going to win next year.
  7. Re: Zlatan To Barca - Helb & Eto'o To Inter? im really pleased with this deal and inter are the one who going to profit from this deal with eto'o n dat 40million we could nciely strenghen our team with that. great deal like mourinho said its like a 100mil deal for ibra
  8. Re: Barcelona reccomends needed i need money i dont know what to do in the couple of dayz ive been trying to offeer hery to everyone and so dar the best bid i got is 35millioj hmm
  9. this is my barcelona i got 6million left and would like to think what people think of my team and how i could improve? any players needed 2 be sold o bought?
  10. Re: puyol i recived another offer for puyol for 10million plus cambiasso which i think is better with the ecxtra 10mil ill get a cash of 35million overall which i can buy another great defender what you think?
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