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  1. Re: arjen robben i already got benzema as i have the new real madrid im thinking of alonso, essien, de rossi, mascherano, veloso (maybe)
  2. Re: arjen robben the think im thinking about is to decline the bid the reason is i got ronaldo higuain robben guardado marcelo drenthe they all can play wing right and left 4 of the LM so do i really need zhirkov? but then hes good im thinking i might use it for a striker or a defensive midfielder as real madrid might need one
  3. as im real, chelsea wants to buy the dutch winger for 6mil plus zhirkov and deco from all i know robben is props on his way out of real deco might go inter and propz could stay for another year as a 92 o 93 whatever he is and zhirkov is going to be a 1st team member and hopefully great whats you thought about this deal?
  4. Re: loose some weight!!! do you reckon no junk food at all, 4 times a week 15-20 mins running in the gym and some sit ups and all dat would help me alot? and i play football every saturday and 1 times in the weekends if i maintain that how long do you reckon it shoudl take me to see abit of a change?
  5. i need 2 loose some weight!!!! as i want to develop my football career n that tbh im really good footballer player amazing touch skills and alll dat ONE PROBLEMS IS MY Pace AND stamina my weight size is around 48 i think and ive got man boobs which is not nice at all:@ i need 2 find a way how to get rid of that and get smiller and more faster n that im going to join gym soon too soo any suggestions?
  6. Re: thiery henry guys i made a bid for david villa of 45million plus henry and it got acept shall i keep the deal or cancel it
  7. Re: thiery henry arlight im trying to get aguero ibra torres o villa if not im going for the deal i bidded 40mil plus henry for aguero and next ting i get is 0mil plus adibal and messi comone :@ i hate these kind of people
  8. Re: thiery henry you reckon i should ask for 0mil plus benzema or 5mil plus higuain both striker imo have the potential soo be amazing what do you think or shall i stick for raul swap wif maybe diarra or marcelo included
  9. Re: thiery henry anyone? help please
  10. Re: thiery henry ma mate offerd me 10million plus garay and gago is dat good?
  11. my mate is real madrid (brand new wif ronaldo etc) and he wants henry (im barca) im not 2 sure about this deal tbh as henry is 95 but as hes old and may not get any chance wif they get villa or someone i would like 2 ask you guys what would be a realli good deal to make wif ma mate ?
  12. i am real madrid and i want to buy ibrahimovic but the inter milan manager wants 0mil plus benzema and van der vaart for him what do you think
  13. what do you think of this lad? do you reckon he will be a first team member for chelsea next season? the reason is i want drogba and the chelsea coach said he wants 7mil plus raul for drogba
  14. Re: Sneijder wa bout 49million hes offering me now
  15. roma wants my snjeider for 29mil plus aqualani rated 90 is that good?
  16. lyon wants raul for 25mil plsu keita n govou wa u fink
  17. villareal wants him for 10mil+ rossi what do you think of that deal
  18. Re: kaka http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=174960&clubid=20550249&sid=28180 got 85million left
  19. Re: kaka do you rekon i should buy juan manuel vargas for 20million
  20. barca manager is ready to give me 75 million for kaka is dat a deal or not :S
  21. Re: Ridicolous!!! oh god this is getting embarissing i just lost 1-0 to ajax today which is i think my 7th loss in a row as a league owner this is poor.
  22. does anyone know any links where i could watch cartoon online? such as pokemon naruto etc?
  23. Re: Ridicolous!!! this is pathetic i just lost 4-2 v fiorentina playing with a 3-5-2 this is getting on ma nervus :@
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