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  1. Re: best team in the world barcelona future is inter milan
  2. Re: Ridicolous!!! Anyone? Please help
  3. Re: Ridicolous!!! alright and yeah i have been sm for like 2 years but never played it as i got bored but now me and my other 2 mates play in the same league so yeah now my question is how do i imply those stuff for example if the team im playing next yeah if their tempo for last match was normal and passing was short what do i have to do?? do i play direct n fast or how do i imply those fatcts
  4. Re: Ridicolous!!! how am i supposed to do that? i though you only can see opponents formation
  5. i cannot belive this. i do not understand how i could loose this could anyone explain and maybe tell me if i should change ma tactic?
  6. Re: how thanks alot mate
  7. Ibracadabra


    got 40mins to ma match so please quick my question is how do i use them arrow on the tactics sheet on sm?
  8. Re: adebaypr and mata shall i go for 0mil plus van der vaart for yuri zhirkov? i heard that van der vaart is gonna move and also he hasnt been playing regular so shal i go for it btw thanks for the adivce and pique is coming to my team for 6mil plus saviola and parejo a bargain
  9. Re: adebaypr and mata im really confused at the moment its a brand new real madrid team with no transfer made i have got 39million and im selling 3 players which gonna make me get 47 million soo my question is WHO DO I NEED TO LOOK TO BUY i have got no idea who to buy i want to make it balanced as possible my tactic btw is 3-5-2 and 3-4-1-2
  10. Re: adebaypr and mata btw its a brand new real madrid so yeah im propz going for mata but shall i go for adebayor?
  11. basically im real madrid and i made 2 bids for those to players and i got 2 counter offer bak which is 10mil plus huntelaar for juan mata 15mil plus m. diarra for adebayor should i acept
  12. Ibracadabra


    Re: Facebook add me just search and enter my email and you should find me also add me on ma msn if you would like too BaBa_2k9@hotmail.co.uk
  13. Re: hleb n abidal as abidal is terrible and getting old i just recieved a bid from man city which is 25mil plus wayne bridge you think i should go for it?
  14. Re: who would you like your team to bring in this summer? inter milan in 1) van der vaart 2) sakho 3) aguero 4) angel di maria 5) rui patrico out 1) cruz 2) stankovic 3) mancini 4) rivas 5) toldo
  15. Re: The Serie A News Thread! i think next season juventus and maybe ac milan could challenge inter. i think with the new singing with diego and maybe another few juventus would be great. i got the fealing next year italy will be doing much better then the couple years back in the champiopns league.
  16. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas j. cesar maicon -- cordoba -- samuel -- maxwell palombo --- cambniasoo --- stankovic ------------van der vaart--------------- ----------ibra-----milito------------ all depends which tactic mourinho uses
  17. Re: Champions League Goal of the season! not being biased but ibrahimvoic vs bremen was class great techique
  18. Re: How did Man U get Beat by Barca well they didnt score first i think the tactic was wrong but also the midfield was one reason aswell man utd midfield such as carrick anderson giggs aint on the level as iniesta and xavi
  19. i got puyol maruqez and pique as my CB and milito ofcourse i got bojan eto anelka as my striker force lazio made a bid of 5mil plus zarate for milito as milito has not played many game and may decrease should i acpet that bid as zarate is the best iyoung player in italy and may riise?
  20. Ibracadabra


    hey could anyone thinks of any personal message i could use about my boys and girls?? like bout friends?
  21. shall i seel them for hleb 11mil abidal for 18mil? also yaya toure for 20mil?
  22. paris st germain made an big of 27million for puyol do you think i should sell him?? its a brand nu barcelona with no transfer
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