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  1. http://goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/05/20/1277226/official-diego-milito-thiago-motta-join-inter-sergio-floccari-to- inter milan the italian champions bought diego milito and thiago motta from genoa and gave away robert acuensfresca. in my opionion this is a terrible ideas to give away a young talent striker and get for exchange motta whos a dead wood tbh and milito whos good but not to sure if hes the man for inter also his age is worrying. is jose mourtinho getting once again everything wrong?? what you guys think?
  2. Re: Chelsea land Quaresma he should do much better in england i think english or spanish football is more suited for him then italian
  3. Re: Who's the best striker in the world atm? im an inter milan fan but i hve to say ibra is on good form but he could have got like 20+ goals to himslef now if he does not miss sitters!!! i have watched nealry all inter matches and seen that ibra keeps on missing the easy chances on example is vs cagliari or siena he missed like 3 open goals but i voted for david villa that man is just a genius he scores plenty of goals and assits
  4. Re: chelsea's best signing!!! No hes not good hes rubbish Pato is the man atm for ac milan shevchenko scored only one goals i think in like 12 matches
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    Re: matches ofcousre for free
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    nowadayz live footey doctor doesnt work so my question is where can i watch football on pc live which website inter milan matches
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    Re: msn lol tell me few lyrics then my msn PM and SN looks dry all it has is my name i am not a clever thinker i guess
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    i cant think of any msn personal message can anyone think of cool personal message like got to do with life o somethink ?? btw my add is sayababa_no9@hotmail.co.uk if you want to add me
  9. Re: Who needs Kaka? well IMO the title who needs kaka sounds to me as a serie a fan like rude as its sound to me that man city is all that and dont need kaka. but back to the topic i half agree and disagree man city might not need him but elano is not on form anymore and ireland payed great at start but he cant keep the same level of begin nowadays but then i agree 100mil is way tooo much for 1 player who is 27 yrs old
  10. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City!
  11. Re: The Serie A News Thread! even though it was poor it shows that smaller team can beat bigger team and also that the serie a is on the way back to there best like before as its getting much challengeing as like 2 season ago inter won the league by a big gap
  12. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! yes its true thta man is really angry but its not man city fault as its kaka who doesnt want to come to robinho should not have done it.
  13. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! hopefully that should be a lesson to all word class players. they should think before the move to a club. robinho is a example even though he wanted to move hes not exactly satisfied with the club itself.
  14. Re: Its all over! Milan has rejected the deal to sell Kaka to Man City! IMO good thing that it got rejected 100mil for 1 player is not really wise i would atleast strenghen my squad in every position with goos players before i go and buy them word class players.
  15. Re: Robben Better Than Messi - Chief Boluda never messi is the best player by far hes abousltly brilliant this season you cant stop him
  16. Re: The Serie A News Thread! absoult disatre i am really unhappy with mourinho because the does not play always the right formation and also the right players what made me get angry was that burdisso started and crespo started chivu could have slot in the CB and Adriano who seems to be on the right way should replace crespo whos just gone past his years. theres nothing to blame the players though as i read on the inter said mourinho press conferences were he admitted it wasnt the players fault it was my fault.
  17. Re: hey people - im back lol no i didnt abondon my teams
  18. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! i have been reading few posts in this topic and it sounds to me that your kinda cocky jus coz man utd won. you got to chill abit
  19. Re: Man Utd vs. Chelsea - LATEST! Man utd have been playing abousltley brilliant and as a inter milan fan i am abit concernd and thinking if we can beat man utd in the champions league
  20. after 8 months having no internet connection and only being rarley on soccermanager forum i today got a new internet and now that i have got it im back as i now will be eveyday on the forum trying to help and disucuss topics and debates
  21. Re: The SM 100! #2 voted for buffon maicon to be added
  22. Re: Quaresma wins Bidone d'Oro!! aboutly right when we played team likes roma and juventus with 4-4-2 we played excellent football and i think now mourinho should play always a 4-4-2 because he must realise that 4-3-3 doesnt work
  23. bascially i want to buy an winger but benzema is a winger and striker but he plays stirker for club and country but i already got wold class striker soo shall i buy him or not do you think SM will change his to F only?? or shall i buy joe cole which is more of a safe game?? 0mil plus evra i dnt need LB and Rb i alreadt gt 5 world class CB soo what shal i do
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