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  1. Re: henry i got aguero messi ronaldinho and eto who are stikers
  2. Re: Reading Players aswell as that if you want the readin defence to be rated all 85 to 90 i will diaagree because 85-90 means premiership class but i think they dont play like that. They are basically INCONSISTENT imo once the let in 2 goals then 7 and then 1 and then 6 and then 1 and then 2 etc
  3. Re: Reading Players defenders are not always to score the meant to defend and in defending reading are poor NOTE: reading have conceeded 42 goals and derby 45 thats shhoiws you readings defence is bad at defending
  4. Re: henry ok i made a pool and im hoping nealry every forumer gives there vote i am really confused because henry is 97 and great but carra and alonso both 94 and i will get 2 94 wold class player
  5. liverpool made an bid for my player henry which is 10mil plus alonso and carragher
  6. Re: RM Talent? eduardo ratinho
  7. Re: barcalona i rejected it because 0mil is nuffin but currnelty i pm'd the ac manager and said 20mil plus ronaldinho hope he accept it btw i just buy sammy nasri and lucas biglia
  8. Re: Young Talent In Defence? breno from bayern micah richards from man city jerome boateng from hamburg
  9. Ibracadabra

    I'm New!

    Re: I'm New! welcome to the forum mate hope you enjoy it and hope you post some nice threads
  10. Re: RIP Phil O'Donnell heard it yesterday while watching match of the day and i am sad about how many deaths are going around these days R.I.P Phil O'Donnell
  11. Re: 50mil for Villa i would ask for 30mil plus a good player who might replace villa for a while around a 92 or 93 striker
  12. Re: Italian Ratings he might increase to 87 but im not too sure
  13. Re: PSV Eindhoven if psv can get another good striker like podolski you might want to come and a defender like bordon from schalke then i can see PSV be a better team and then they might aswell after strenghten the midfield with players like ronaldinho no jowking hmm gamst pedersen from blackburn or bentley would be superb but bout PSV will spend that much money in winter or will they?
  14. Re: Italian Ratings ofcourse he has to hes been the last 2 season amazing form and saving inter milan ***** alot of times
  15. Re: Manchester United Changes real madrid is bettwer then barcelona this season even they beat them
  16. Re: barcalona man utd manager made an bid of 0mil plus ronaldo for ronaldinho do you think its good to be accpted
  17. Re: barcalona the man utd manager made an bid for ronaldinho which was 0mil plus ronaldo(portugalone) and btw i rejected the henry one as i realised hes 97 i 1st thought he was 94
  18. Re: Pyuol Shaved his head so is that true that he shaved or not?
  19. Re: Pyuol Shaved his head ohh dam haha i thought its real
  20. Re: barcalona sameone help me pleasee sorry to post it alot
  21. Re: Capdevilla and Ufjalusi?!? well what is your team?? if its a big club then not because they old and there rating wont change and increase if its a team like derby etc then yes
  22. Re: Reading Players imo reading are terrible lost 7-4 or 7-3 vs portsmouth and the 6-4 vs tottenham,
  23. Re: Official Red Devils thread look at this everyone it made me laugh alot haha http://youtube.com/watch?v=pYKZheIWgVs dareen flectcher is GAY!!!!!!!!!!
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