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  1. I made this thread for alll of you to state which club and player you hate the most in the world. You must state you reasons aswell i will start of Ac Milan, why? because they are inter milan's rivals, beat us 6-0, and are the most successful club in italy C.Ronaldo why? because hes soo damm good
  2. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread i think hes abit too old to be buyed now i would go for iniesta as hes really good or instead van der vaart whos a great playmaker
  3. Re: Luka mordric hes well know but hes really good he going to move to a big club this winter or next summer for sure 100% buy him
  4. Re: bare confused cheers for the tips now i will go and make n bid for torbinsky
  5. Re: Manucho never heard of this p[layer is he any good?
  6. Re: Hi peeps thanks mate
  7. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread He is a fan of ******** now........ I agree that he is a person and as any normal person he needs to enjoy himself, but this if he was playing well. He went to Brazil to regain his form and to do that he must show determination, he must train as hard as he can even train in holidays just to prove his worth and return to Brazil NT and to be again the emperor. But look what he is doing, drinking beer and hanging with girls at this point i can see that he doesn't change his attitude and he will fall more unless some big u-turn in his life. And remember inter milan have done everythinh to adriano and helped him alot and now he needs to show us that trust back.
  8. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread As people know adriano got send to sao paulo on a loan and i thought thats his chance to prove him how good he is but nooo look at this
  9. Re: bare confused can anyone please help?
  10. i am currenlty looking for an cheap AM player and found quite few and now i dont really know who to buy as they all look good but whats your say?? W/AM - Algerian ZIANI, Karim Marseille 25 89 - £6.5M £7.9M F/AM - Turkish HALIL, Altintop FC Schalke 04 25 88 - £5.9M £7.7M F/AM TBd Brazilian CARLOS ALBERTO, Gomes Werder Bremen 23 88 - £6.3M £6.1M LM/AM - Spanish RIERA, Alberto Espanyol 25 88 - £5.9M £7.4M CM/AM - Russian TORBINSKY, Dmitri Spartak Moskva 23 88 - £6.3M £6.6M
  11. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread Latest Injuries Updates Patrick Vieira (expected back around mid-January) Olivier Dacourt (expected out for the season) Walter Samuel (out for the season - knee ligament damage)
  12. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread Modric has not been mentioned by inter milan. IF inter milan was to sign an player in janury i would say maybe van der vaart or enzo maresca.
  13. Re: The Official Nerazzurri Thread I'll start it of;) Now its christmas time and in few days its janury and its tim for the winter transfer market and i belive many teams wants to sign great players. Lately inter milan have sufferd alot of injuries like patrick veira's, dacourt's and stankovic which are all long term injuries. because of having only too many DMC's inter milan are looking to sign an player during the winter market in the MC position to strenthen there midfield as they may need some good players vs teams like liverpool etc. Several times inter milan bought up the name enzo maresca the CM of sevilla cf whos currently is enjoying the spell at sevilla cf in the league and the CL. When i heard about this news i was shocked because i was thinking that this players is quite poor but after looking for some video in youtube i said to myself hes quite good but as you know youtube only shows the good thing about a player and not the bad thing whats your opinions about this guys?
  14. Hey as theres no inter milan thread here i decided to make one for the inter fans. In this thread please talk about: NEWS MATCHES TRANSFERS AND MANY MORE THINGS RELATED TO INTER MILAN this thread is not only for inter milans fans, its for everyone but please be aware no spam etc, pleople who do it please dont bother jioing this lovly thread hope you enjoy
  15. WOW Just what i wanted. The reds, this is going to be massive so much history, key match ups. Discuss all your first impressions and thoughts on whats arguably the match of the round. Bring on the scousers!!!
  16. Re: Hi peeps thanks mate i have the same policy as you mate any inter fan is friend of mine
  17. Ibracadabra

    Hi peeps

    heya peeps happy to get 2 know you well, where do i start my name is sayanthan vilvarasa and i am a massive inter milan fan. my favourite player is ibrahimovic and messi. im currenlty in year 11 doing my gcse and hoping to get good resulrts in august i live in london and a happy christmad to all peeps out here.
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