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  1. Re: Best Manager In The World At The Moment? how can arsenal wenger be dat best manager if he hasnt won any silverware for ages?? i gotta be sir alex fergugson or jose mourinho
  2. Re: Favorite manager being interviewed?? loool avram grant yes or no game
  3. Re: Who Will Win The CL This Season? ofcourse it is going to be inter we have got what it takes to win the CL
  4. Re: Old Soccer Manager watch messi htting then 99 next
  5. after watching arsenal wigan i thought about it and even my friends started agreegin to it. do you guys think that if arsenal 2nd team ( the one yday played) was to play arsenals 1st team do you think that the 2nd team will win?? i mean whenever i watch arsenal 2nd team like yesterday or vs sheffield or vs liverpool ( 6-3) it appears to me that they win much easier then the 1st team so what you think??
  6. Re: Premier League 08/09 i am soo rubbish in the game lol i am 2nd last in the league. can someone give me an tip to get better points in prem league?? i do search and watch prem matches.
  7. Re: Football Manager 2009 the 3d is not really am azing
  8. Re: Italian Ratings im expectiing most players at napoli to get a decent increase
  9. Re: New Argentina coach IMO bad decison i think gabriel batistuia would have been a better chioce if they wanted a former player to be the manager.
  10. Re: OFFICIAL Atletico Madrid Thread 3-2 hah ow can this happen?? atl madrid defedning is poor in the last few games
  11. Re: Juande Ramos Sacked! can someone explain me why tottenham appointed redknapp where coach such roberto mancini former inter coach or frank rijkaard former barcelona coach and few more are availble and they didnt get to coach them???
  12. Re: Ricardo Quaresma hes just useless IMO i got the feeling we buyed quaresma and mancini for fun they both hasnt settled well.
  13. Re: Luca Toni hes jus having a bad season atm now that he hasnt scored like for 10 matches now hes injured too soo i think hes def gonna decrease.
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread and adriano scored some ncie header to give inter the lead
  15. Re: I Need Help Pleaseeeeeeee! i swr he was diaby injured him and he supposed 2 be injured for 6 month o sumfink
  16. Re: 20yo Striker- Big Rating Increase - Jonathan Biabiany i swear he plays for inter or he plays for modena but is an inter player on a season long loan at modena. good find
  17. Re: I Need Help Pleaseeeeeeee! hmm why get sniojder hes injured?? i would get maybe diego ribas or even van der vaart hes like the top score for real or second.
  18. Re: Diego Milito more like stay da same but he doesnt play in CL or uefa and also played very poor last match for argentina and if he doesnt play for them too then he could go down to 92
  19. Re: ~Who is the BEST striker in the World ATM ?? well however eto didnt have a good season last season and this thrad is about whos the best atm and eto might be good atm but not the best IMO villa is having an better 1
  20. Re: ~Who is the BEST striker in the World ATM ?? yes i agree i dont really know when hes gonna shine. :( if he improves his consistency and his mental then he could be easily one of the best as he got eveythink what a striker needs. unless this doesnt happen he is going to be an normal good striker.
  21. Re: ~Who is the BEST striker in the World ATM ?? yeah torres is not 97 and not influential he cant pass assits cross and also has a poor touch and also is gay lol but............. his finishing and heading is great i mean unbeleavle so therfore he mite get a 97 for that if he contiunes the form from last season. prop the only striker who can pass cross etc is villa and maybe ibrahimovic but i would say villa is better. so therefore watch villa as hes on form this season but mite not get an increase coz valencia doesnt play CL.
  22. Re: which defender............... anyone ?????
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