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  1. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Haha I tried a cheeky one, me tonight am going for a sneaky win for Figu!
  2. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Mark, Ceara v Figueirense in B Division tonight if I'm not mistaken, just wondering how well you knew this league and what if any prediction you may have
  3. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! I cant believe some people are calling for Lucas to 87. I was one of his biggest critics earlier on in the season but now he's proving me and pretty much everyone else wrong. Ever since he conceded that vital penalty at Wigan he's been outstanding and I mean that, when he's had to come in for Alonso and Masch, he hasn't looked out of his depth at all and for a lad of his age with the stick he's received that is awesome. I'd be very surprised if next time out he wasn't 89 or even 90. As for Benayoun, how he is still 89 when Park Ji Sung went to 90 is outrageous
  4. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Alright mate, saw that Victor, Nilmar, Ramires and Andre Santos were all inclusions in the Brazilian squad for the Confederations Cup. Ramires aside, the rest are all surprise inclusions to me, maybe less so Nilmar, have they played well enough to receive these calls? Or is it just the Brazil coach saying out with the old (Ronaldo and Ronaldinho) and in with the knew sorta thing? Cheers!
  5. Re: Argentinian Analysis Yep, pretty shocking performance. Off subject, I saw Matias De Federico scored against Panama, rated a lowly 77, what do you reckon he could hit? High as 84/85?
  6. Re: Argentinian Analysis Wasn't confident enough on Boca to win thank god but had over 2.5 goals as well, Boca have had chances but there's just no cutting edge to their play, Defensor have defended well and can't see there being 2 goals in 10 minutes
  7. Re: Argentinian Analysis Sooooo, thoughts on the Boca v Defensor game
  8. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Haha hopefully with a bit of research and experience I won't need him but am always welcome to tips and advice. Banking on goals tonight in the Internacional Flamengo game and a Fluminense Corinthians draw - probably a 1-1 (but hey what do i know )
  9. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season well now the EPL is over i've gotta have something to feed my gambling addiction. trying to get a feel of the brazilian league as i don't know it toooooooo well, mark seems to know his stuff and thought if he gives a few tips i could cut him in for a few bob
  10. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Sounds about right, any predictions on the Fluminense v Corinthians game tonight Mark? And of course not forgetting Internacional v Flamengo?
  11. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season I've got an option to buy Ciro, how excited should I be? £1 million comes a lot to my Crewe side but I know how good he is, what do you reckon his rating will be be next time round? Cheers
  12. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Summer Ratings Edition) Erm, can someone bring me any information on why in good gods name carlos castillo has just changed from being a 21 year old to a 33 year old in a matter of the past few days? Unless i've been asleep for 12 years and carlos castillo is that poor he's still rated 70 i'm not too sure whats going on.. lol
  13. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Hey Mark, Coritiba play Ponte Preta in the cup tonight, how do you fancy them getting on? Comfortable victory?
  14. Re: Argentinian Analysis I've seen today that Pillud of Newell's has been linked to a move to Serie A. This makes me assume he's playing well - possibly well enough to deserve an 83/84, what do you reckon?
  15. Re: Benfica signs Ramires Please please please go to CSKA. Champions league football, which I expect them to do well in next season due to their squad's talent, and in my opinion (especially after the victory over Zenit) are going to win the league by an absolute mile. Ramires is quality but still a starlet in my opinion. Like for example, for CSKA Dzagoev is still a starlet. Starlet for me is a fairly young player yet to reach the level they can play at and show what they're truly made of. Anyway, if he does sign for CSKA, you reckon he'll just walk straight into the team? I know he's absolu
  16. Re: Are the Italian ratings finished? yeah i'm sorry, i don't watch that much of Serie A, but know that Muntari should be AT LEAST 92, i had him down for maybe even a cheeky rise to 93 if SM were feeling generous. Del Piero to 94, Trezeguet stays at 93 and Amauri and Iaquinta don't rise?!!?!??!?! :S Really don't understand that to be honest. Del Piero is class, but 94? really? With Diego's arrival next season, he's not gonna play very much and I don't think he'll be staying at 94 for very long. I also think Kuzmanovic should have risen considering Melo rose to 91 and Montolivo is 91. 90 i tho
  17. Re: Maniche Released by Atletico Madrid I thought he was playing really well at the start of the season. He hasn't fitted in at all this season with the managers and I guess his temperament has led to this. I'd like to see him move to the Premiership - maybe an Everton or Villa sort of player, see if he can make the step up and prove his quality.
  18. Re: In need of a 90+ Rising Winger. Mata won't get a 91 I don't think. I think he has tailed off from his form earlier in the season and although he should get 90, I highly doubt he will get 91, especially with Valencia struggling to even make champions league at the moment. Jesus Navas i think is a sure fire 92. He'd be in the Spain squad if it wasn't for his homesickness and is playing absolutely outstanding for Sevilla every time I watch him. A RM you could look at is Yossi Benayoun. He is 89 somehow and has been absolutely incredible this season for Liverpool. Rating changes are a while a
  19. Re: A Big Thankyou to Insider and Radebe Lmao.. IDEA If you have received help from Insider and Radebe player ratings thread and you would like to donate to the Insider and Radebe fund, please PM me. Cheques and cash accepted.
  20. Re: Top Ten buys from Brasileiro
  21. Re: Top Ten buys from Brasileiro Top thread mate, really agree that Ciro should be top of that list. What impresses me is his hunger and desire, as well as his explosive pace of course. Definite buy for every single person that looks at this thread, he is one for a quick buy and make money cause he's going up and one for the long run cause he is gonna be big. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in Europe in 2010 or possibly even sooner.. you never know! Just wondering your thoughts on Willians Santana, I for one think he's got a massive future, even if he is blooming slightly later than most B
  22. Re: Portuguese must buys before rating changes!
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