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  1. Re: Lucas Piazon - Sao Paolo's Kaka?? Great news for him, and equally so for The Old Lady Some great information 101
  2. Re: Lucas Piazon - Sao Paolo's Kaka?? Seems that he is keen to sign with Juventus after holding talks with the club : http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2011/01/27/2325492/brazils-next-kaka-lucas-piazon-claims-he-wants-to-join Nice find by the way, Inicikirock
  3. Re: Gold Championship 123 Match Reports / Transfers Thread Sent you a PM buddy Let me know if this is sufficient
  4. Re: Help with info on missing team player K, thanks for the quick replies beckyb and Insider.
  5. I shall be brief, as I have searched and searched for an answer. My recently acquired Atletico Madrid in a new GC is missing a midfielder. I searched for him and turns out he is playing for Mallorca. Do the teams in new GC setups not have all the real life players playing for them?
  6. Re: Site Down? Frustrating - I have a champs cup final tonight in a GC. Worked all day and havent been able to login since I have been home. Patience is in order, but sleepiness is kicking in
  7. Re: Gold Championship 66 Official thread Still cant believe it! Last night, my Australia beat Spain 2-1 in the World Cup Final!!!! To get there, I bowled over teams like England (3-1), Netherlands (2-2p), Russia (1-0) and Czech Rep (1-0)! I still cannot believe it! What would I do without Cahill and Kewell!? lol To the Spanish manager, all I can say is my boys were on fire since the qualifiers. Hard luck and hopefully, we get a rematch next season!
  8. Re: Problem with sm Yeah, issue fixed by the looks
  9. Re: Problem with sm I amend my above statement - I just tried the fix again, this time TYPING the address rather than copy/pasting it, and it worked. I did however notice a fair few of my GC teams have "This Game World is temporarily disabled due to server problems. We will have this issue fixed shortly" So there is definately an issue that is SM-Server related I guess we hang in there, as they did change servers or something not that long ago
  10. Re: Problem with sm Me as well, I'm afraid. I am in Aus and have been trying all afternoon at work. Came home and used my Firefox, and nothing. Tried the above mentioned fix, but did not work for myself Very frustrated, as this is very, very rare for me here. Whats even worse - I logged in this morning to see how my Australia went in the World Cup Final against Spain in a GC.........I won 2-1 but havent been able to get in since checking! ahaha
  11. Re: Gold Championship 41 Transfers / Match Report Thread Juventus went down 2-1 to Milan overnight in the Italian Cup Final. The hopes and dreams of winning all 4 competitions in a season were dashed, with Milan coming up victors. Well done to the manager of Milan Just to think...........I was a mere goal away from winning the whole lot There is always next season! Out of curiousity, I wonder just how many people have won all 4 comps in a season??
  12. Re: Gold Championship 41 Transfers / Match Report Thread JUVENTUS Tonight may very well indeed be the single most important game of my life (both real life AND fantasy ). My Juventus are taking on the titanic Milan, in the Italian Cup Final for season two. This match, dear friends, is more than just about the glory of winning the coveted Italian Cup......... It has been a long and arduous season for the black and white stripes of Juventus. To put a long story short, we have taken out the Italian Shield, the SMFA Champions Cup and finished 1st in the division. All that remains is tonight
  13. I am not sure about everyone else, but I think the tactics screen could use a notes section. I started manually writing in a notebook years ago, as it was hard to remember captains, penalty takers, etc. with the lesser known clubs, or simply clubs I knew nothing about. I also like to take notes on oppostions key players, formations (especially from previous seasons) and anything else of interest that arises. It could be implemented in a similar way that the pre-game instructions has been done. Simply one extra tab, with the ability to add, modify or delete notes, which could appear perhaps i
  14. Re: Gold Championship 55 Transfers / Match Report Thread Hamburger SV take out the triple!! In a stunning season one performance, Hamburger SV have taken out the German triple - German Shield, 1st Division and German Cup! Manager Dan McCabe was quoted as saying "It was an outstanding season, which saw youth stepping up and also, the signing of big gun Ruud Van Nistelrooy." "Captain David Jarolim showed our boys the way, with style and grace......" "I wish to take this opportunity to make special mention of two exceptional young players, who stepped up when the need arose, and perform
  15. Re: Gold Championship Game World Economies
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