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  1. Need some new managers to join this World championship (ID 4016). I am the only manager left and don't want to lose this team. Would be great if I could get some help to prevent this Game World from permanently closing at the end of the season. Need a minimum of 5 managers to keep it going.
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for some new managers to join the championship I am in. There are only 4 managers left and we don't want to lose our clubs we have managed for a long time. Big clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United are available to manage. World Championship 3102 Game World ID: 15651 Anyone who has a spare club slot to use on any teams in our Game World would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I feel the same way as well. In one of my GW I have reported the same transfer as illegal everyday for the past 5 days now with no response from SM. So frustrating since this transfer is so obviously illegal (new manager sells his best player for minimum value when there were 3 managers bidding for this player from previously unmanaged team) yet SM won't do a thing about it.
  4. Re: Sydney FC thread Football/soccer (whatever you want to call it) is undoubtedly the sleeping giant of the Aust. sporting environment. In time' date=' the A-League will be one of the biggest sporting codes rivalling the AFL and the NRL. Forget about cricket and rugby, their domestic competitions have nothing compared to the other 3 major codes. No one cares about cricket unless it is summer and the test matches start up again (well now also with the ashes being played at the moment.. go the aussies ) and rugby is a white-collar sport that has absolutely no appeal with the working class co
  5. Re: Sydney FC thread Hahaha great point there I didn't see the game but from watching the highlights on sports tonight and in the papers... gotta admit this team after only one game looks a world away from the mess that was last season. And i agree 100% about Kofi Danning, i wrote this in another thread but this kid, among others, is definitely the next big thing in Aust. football... glad i have already signed him to all my teams
  6. Re: Sydney FC thread Aloisi finally scores... twice!?!? :eek:
  7. Re: £12mil.. Tips Advice on a great young left back.. Taiwo has been tipped to rise to 90 for the past 2 rating changes at least but has always stayed at 89. Dunno if Taiwo has done enough so far to make SM change their minds about him but there is still ages till the French rating changes are done.
  8. Re: Trésor Mabi Mputu Apparently he was also close to signing for Newcastle Utd http://www.eatsleepsport.com/newcastle-united/toon-table-tresor-bid-807862.html
  9. Re: Trésor Mabi Mputu Looks like the race to sign Mputu is down to two... http://www.tribalfootball.com/logjam-congo-star-mputu-214118 http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_4577236,00.html
  10. Re: Trésor Mabi Mputu I found this link that said he was off to the Qatar...it's dated 17/11/2008, so he must have had a change of heart or something like that to now be going to Marseille. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport-old/football/2008/11/17/blackburn-miss-out-on-african-starlet-tresor-mputu-115875-20902430/
  11. Re: Need a RB 7m to spend Tanco César Azpilicueta, he is 19, rated 87 and plays for Osasuna. The team isn't going very well this season but he has started 11 of 12 games so far, so he looks promising. He is a RB/RM as well.
  12. Re: 4-4-2 (Diamond) I use this formation for my Celtic team with two CMs in those two positions. I have Massimo Donati who is a CM/RM in the DM position and i have Luis Anderson who is a CM/AM in the AM position. So it doesn't always have to be exactly a specialist AM and DM played in those positions, as in my situation, as i was able to win the division 2 title with this formation and Anderson and Donati at those positions for most of the season. Although this won't be the same for everyone so you really just need to experiment with players in those positions.
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