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  1. Hi everyone, Looking for some new managers to join the championship I am in. There are only 4 managers left and we don't want to lose our clubs we have managed for a long time. Big clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United are available to manage. World Championship 3102 Game World ID: 15651 Anyone who has a spare club slot to use on any teams in our Game World would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I feel the same way as well. In one of my GW I have reported the same transfer as illegal everyday for the past 5 days now with no response from SM. So frustrating since this transfer is so obviously illegal (new manager sells his best player for minimum value when there were 3 managers bidding for this player from previously unmanaged team) yet SM won't do a thing about it.
  3. Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!
  4. Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide! I'm having problems with this. I wanna take a screenshot of my squad but i just don't understand how to copy this screenshot into paint. I read that there is supposed to be a print screen button somewhere but i cant find it, I'm using internet explorer 7. Help Please!!!
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