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  1. Re: Title Match (Barca) any help need help game on 17th
  2. Barcalona V Milan The Two Teams At The Top With Nearly Half Season Gone And Liverpool Chasing Us I Play Milan And Its A Must Win Game Any Tacital Help BUFFON 96 G VICTOR VALDES 91 G JORQUERA 84 G SERGIO ASENJO 75 G ABIDALL 93 LB SILVINHO 88 LB ZAMBROTTA 95 RB/LB TERRY 96 CB PUYOL 96 CB/RB (Suspended) MARQUEZ 94 CB/DM THURAM 92 CB/RB BOATENG 86 D NAVAS 91 RM/W XAVI 96 CM INIESTA 94 CM/AM BANEGA 88 DM RIQUELME 96 AM/CM (Suspended) D'ALESSANDRO, 92 AM/LM RONALDINHO 98 F/AM HENRY 97 F ETO'O 96 F MESSI 95 F/AM BOJAN 80 F
  3. When a player gets injured does that player get subistuted or does your team carry on with 10 men? Im not sure how this works help please
  4. Re: Goals per Game ratio Luke means that Rooney scores 1 goal in 1 game his ratio is 1.00 right? If Rooney scored 2 goals in a game his ration is 0.50 as it takes him half a game to score a goal If Rooney scored 1 goal in 2 games his ratio 2.00 as it takes him 2 games to score a goal
  5. Re: Is Anyone Likely To Increase To 98? Seria A = Under rated leauge in my eyes Juve Inter AC Roma 4 Amazing teams
  6. Re: Making Of Set Up Times Been Changed? Ye ive realised been wanting a new Man Utd for a while now
  7. I have been wanting a Manchester United in a new EC lately and I have been coming om the normal times when the EC was made Have times changed or could someone tell me when they are made please? Thanks
  8. Re: Stadium Building Mark II Have a limit for how much you can increse your stadium by such as 120,000 then its equal to everybody who plays little or big club
  9. Re: right winger, midfielder NAVAS, Jesus RM/W 22 91 SM Value = 8.7 Could bag for about 15M And his rating is only going to go up
  10. Re: Selling Deco Exactly why I am selling him Luke
  11. I have put Deco on the transfer list for quite a while now and have been getting bids of clubs but Juventus are very intrested they started bidding at 27M and i now have them up to 35M will I be able to push the budget higher and chairman will accept the offer? DECO, Anderson AM/CM 30 95 100 Okay £7.8M £21.9M
  12. Re: The best rivalrys in britain Bout West Ham V Millwall Hugh game that is but id say newcastle v sunderland ^^ i support newcastle but its a hugh tie
  13. Re: Best striker on SM ? Eto'o bags quite a few for a few of my teams
  14. Re: Barcelona set ups made on the hour 5am 9am 11am 1pm 3pm 5pm i think
  15. Re: Is Anyone Likely To Increase To 98? No Fabregas will not reach 98 or 97 in my eyes could get 96 Yes C.Ronaldo def on his way a rise in next English Rating Changes I think to 97 Messi will hes got such a talent at his age
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