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  1. Hi I've just set up a new website and twitter account for a blogging site called The 93rd Minute. I whist wondered If anyone would be interested in producing a logo for it please? Website is www.the93rdminute.weebly.com I would like the logo in the colours of the site but design I'm open to ideas. Thanks Chris
  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) As mentioned before, I too have has enough of a team I have managed for 600+ games, however I have decided to sell all of my good players externally and will waste all of my money I have built up on replacing them with low rated players so if another person took over they don't get the benefit of all my hard work.
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) And so the farce continues. Another week and another batch of updates. Mario Gotze has been injured for 6 weeks and in that time has gone from no concern to level 3. He is still injured for another week so will probably have to be sold by the time he is fit. I am playing my unhappy players but still they rise and now my other squad members are getting unhappy as I have dropped them to play the unhappy ones. I have a 22 man squad all of level ability. For 600 games I have managed to keep them happy by rotating them, now this season I have 14 of them unhappy. All my hard work to build a squad and now I see it as though u keep 11 of them and buy 11 rubbish players as backup. I really hate this game at the moment!!
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I took over at WBA on day one, 600 games later I have managed to get myself a great squad of 22 players (2 for each position) now I have over half my squad unhappy! Now I rotate my team because at times this season I was playing Sat, Mon, Tues, Weds and Sat again because of cups. Now I actually want to win cups and therefore use my squad and not just low rated kids. I've had enough now, I can't reduce the concerns and if I played them all the time others will just become unhappy too. So thanks to SM after 600 games in charge I now have to sell players I don't want to just to get the unhappy players out. What a joke!
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) So as I see it now the way to play this game is as follows. Build your starting 11 as normal with the best u can buy, then buy another 11 really bad players who only play when our first 11 have fitness problems, which if you play 3 times a week won't be long. Then you keep your first 11 happy and your rubbish players dont get concerns. Hmm, how rubbish! Sort out these concerns!! You have to rotate to play all the games your put in yet by trying to rotate with good players they all get concerns. Having 3 90+ forwards and roating them will lead to them all becoming unhappy as non would play 75% of games only 66%. Rubbish rubbish rubbish!
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) This is my 23 i have, 2 in each position and 1 spare midfielder, recently brought. I play 3-5-2 by the way Postion Rating Date Brought Increase 1 HART, Joe 92 Feb 11 +2 2 BUTLAND, Jack 77 Jun 12 0 3 SCHMELZER, Marcel 90 Mar 12 +1 4 BADSTUBER, Holger 91 Jul 10 +6 5 SMALLING, Chris 88 Jan 10 +11 6 HUMMELS, Mats 92 Oct 10 +3 7 PIQUE, Gerard 95 Jun 11 0 8 JONES, Phil 89 Apr 10 +14 9 BUSQUETS, Sergio 94 Oct 08 +25 10 M'VILA, Yann 91 Mar 11 +2 11 SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian 94 Oct 10 +1 12 WILSHERE, Jack 89 Sep 08 +12 13 ÖZIL, Mesut 94 Jul 10 +3 14 MULLER, Thomas 93 Jul 10 +8 15 GÖTZE, Mario 91 Oct 11 +2 16 KAGAWA, Shinji 90 May 12 0 17 BALE, Gareth 92 Nov 11 +2 18 HAZARD, Eden 92 Jan 11 +3 19 MATA, Juan 92 Nov 11 +1 20 BENZEMA, Karim 94 Jan 12 +1 21 REUS, Marco 90 Jan 12 +1 22 LEWANDOWSKI, Robert 90 Dec 11 +2 23 TORRES, Fernando 92 May 12 0 Sorry it's a bit messy, but as you can see i've had alot of these players for a long time and benefited from the rises over the years, so i don't just buy when high rated. Now i have half of the squad at unhappy level1 .
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) These new player concerns are crazy. I’ve spent years getting my team to where it is now, having 22 players all 89 or over (2 in each position) so i'm able to cope with the multiple of games. Last season I got to the final of both cups and the European cup, so needed all 22 players just to keep everyone fit, as at times I was playing 3 games in 3 days for week after week. At the end of last season I had 1 player who was unhappy at lack of games, fair enough. Now this season I have kept the same approach, currently in both domestic cups at semi final stage and still in Europe. However, the latest player concerns have turned 11 players unhappy due to lack of games (my squad has hardly changed, 1 midfielder out and 1 in). On this 75% of games keeps people happy basis, how can that work when you have all the cups to play too. Even if I sold a forward so only having 3, sold 1 winger so only having 3 would mean they still wouldn’t be happy as they would only play 66% of games (on the basis they miss 1 in 3). So how are you expected to keep a squad big enough to compete in all the games and keep them happy?!? It’s a bit stupid if the expectation is that you have say 14 really good players and the rest and much lower rated! Look at the premiership, teams have a good 20 players and then the fringe players, not just a starting 11. At the moment it seems I’m expected to sell approx. 7 players from my 22 man squad and replace them with much worse players that are happy not playing but in reality will have to play as you can’t play 3 games in 3 days with the same team. Seriously not impressed. It took a lot of work to get my squad to where it is, now one rule change later and it looks like i have to sell half it off, either that or try and juggle an unhappy squad,
  8. I have both these players but only need to keep one. Which is the better one to keep out of these two please? Both RB, Both 21 and Both 85 rated.
  9. Re: Promising Youngsters After the somewhat rude comments above i would like to point out i wasn't too late and still managed to pick up 2 players who rose after the transfer was completed. I would just like to point out "Manners cost nothing!" If i had been too late (which i wasn't) there was no need for those comments.
  10. Which one would you rather get from those 2? i have been offered a straight swap. I have Clichy so would be getting Schmelzer.
  11. Hi I'm looking for some ideally under 21 but upto under 23 players that are lower rated which will get a rise. Looking at those under 80 that will go above or those 80-82 that will rise to about 85. Thanks Chris
  12. Re: Promising Youngsters I thought they are still ongoing at the moment. They haven't finished the german leagues yet
  13. I was wondering if there are any German youngsters (under 21 ideally) worth snapping up before the ratings increase. I'm in a really competive league so need to tap into the youth market. I recently brought: Alexander Esswein before he increased and Lars Unnerstall. But wondered who else is worth picking up. Thanks
  14. Just wondered if there is a chance Thomas Muller might have a position change to include being a FWD? perhaps to WING/FWD?
  15. I've just taken over a new team and they have the following in the youth team: Nicola Leali GK 75 Jack Butland GK 75 Omar El Kaddouri RM/AM 77 Alvaro Vadillo RM/Wing 78 Jordan Mutch CM 82 James Ward-Prowse CM 75 Markus Mender AM 80 Jordan Ibe FWD 75 Shawn Parker CF 75 I've not heard of them, so just wondered whether they are worth keeping or just sell them. THanks
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