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  1. Re: Avram Grant - opinions

    If he is good' date=' why will he not be at the Bridge next season. Surely clubs love to keep good managers:D . Anyways, when i saw the thread title and poll, i thought the poll would be; "Do you like him?" and the options "Yes" or "No":p in which case there will be a lot of Nos and Yes'.lol. I dont understand why poeple hate him soo much:p :o[/quote']

    jose morinho got sacked and he was good

  2. Re: GC 15 spamming/discussion thread.

    Not happy that there is another GC already at all.

    Im a huge fan of GC's which is fairly obvious as I have a club in every one and spend all my SM time on the GC's but I really must express on every thread about new GC's that we dont need anymore at this time.

    We have 14 GC's that are half full at best in most and its not going to do them any good because people will quit their low sides in GCs for a shot at a bigger club in this GC.

    I understand from SM's point of view if any mods are about to reply' date=' that its SM is a business and your aim is to make a profit at the end of the day but one of SM's aims is to make the best Soccer Sim on the world wide web.

    Just because SM is the best Soccer sim on the web shouldnt mean a chance to promote GC's for money. I feel that all these GC's so soon means that the quality of current GC's will drop because of people dropping out etc.

    Again I know another GC is going to probably get SM more gold accounts sold etc and therefore more money made which if its going to be put back into the game for whatever improvement then thats great but I dont want to see setups deteriorate because newer ones are being made attracting more members to them in order to make money etc.

    By all means Im not having a dig, what do I know at the end of the day :confused: I just think that making half as many GC's in 5 months as there has been made in total is too much and is ruining the exclusitivity of the Gold setups.[/quote']

    if you look on the SM Blog it says "If your going to purchase a gold membership now is the time to do it" thats why there making all these GCs so they get more money from GMs

  3. Re: Liverpool V Chelsea

    I have a question : Why did Ashley Cole went to Chelsea :rolleyes:

    For money ' date=' of course but his form is going down ,down , down .... from one of the best LB's to a normal one.

    About Torres I have something to say : I think that he is a little bit tired after all matches from this season[/quote']

    just proved cole wasent what he used to be them when he lost the ball lol :P

  4. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!

    Here are some of his recent creations :








    Feel free to use any of the above and i am sorry leemuir my mate has said he will not do requested and when i asked him why not he replied with "Can't be bothered". Although i will make regular posts showing his artwork' date=' both football and some non football ones. :) [/b']

    stole that David Villa one for my dp on msn :eek::DB)

  5. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing

    rep is 38 because i got it off me mate who said summat to SM he shouldt got pi**ed off with them and gave it me.

    lol i dont care you know the easy thing to do would be yes sure go on the other account but noooooo difficult you has to TRY and be smart

    anyway am unsubscibing from this thread so i wont read any more of your posts Mr How :) :) ;) ;) B) :cool:

  6. Re: 3 Deals a season

    Say you took over Barcelona and your mate took over Manchester United if this rule didn't exist then the Manchester United manager could just keep selling you all his best players for chairman value. And then once he has sold them all he would quit the club leaving his mate with all the best players. You see now?? :)

    yep fair enough thanks for answeing my question mate :)

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