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  1. Re: Gold Championship 7 HUGE MATCH FOR MAN UTD Man Utd have a really hard and important game tomorrow against Aston Villa Nick says its the biggest game of the season for his team and with his team in good form it will be a tough test for Villa. Attacking depth for Man utd is great as they will look to Samual Eto'o and Wayne Rooney for the goals while in midfiled Riquelme will be trying to break forward as much as possibe and finally at the back Puyol will be coming up for the corners trying to his job scoring and defending. The season is coming to a end and it is really tight at the top while Man Utd lie in 4th only on goal diffrence to Aston Villa. Tottenham are at the top but Nick Gilardino still thinks his team can take the tittle at the last second
  2. Re: Gold Championship 4 Werder Bremen Hammer FSV Mainz 05 Yesterday Werder Bremen Crushed opposition FSV Mainz 05 they are currnetly in the relegation zone and are 1 of the favourites to get relegated. The 5-1 victory for Werder gave all the squad a great confidence boost. It looks like they have slim chance of making the champions league as to there bad start to the season. 1st goal comes from Seydou Keita who scored on his debut on wednesday and has got himself on the scoresheet again in only his second game. 2nd goal comes from Werders left back Aparecido Cesar who has been in great form all season. Werders 3rd goal comes from Naldo who hits it on the half-volley into the roof of the net! And the final two goals come from legendery TORSTEN FRINGS who is a living hero at Werder Bremen Werder are climbing the table steadaly and are hoping to get just outside the champions league spots because it is next to impossible for them to finish in the champo league spots, They will buliding for next season where Werder Bremen are one of the favourites to win the Bundesliga.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 4 Werder Bremen Thrash FSV Mainz 05 Werder Bremen thumped Mainz tonight with a 5-1 with goals coming form Seydou KEITA (8) Aparecido CESAR (35) Aparecido NALDO (76) Torsten FRINGS (80) Torsten FRINGS (83) Nick Gilardino has told us he is thrilled with his players performance and effort put into tonights game. The MOM went to Torsten Frings who is a living legend at Werder Bremen. Werder Bremen are 6 games unbeaten and next play Hannover 96 who are 1 place above them only on goal diffrence. Werder Bremen are finally picking up form after there awfull start to the season. It doesent look like they will qualify for europe this season but the manager is expecting his team next season to finish in the top 4.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports PSV v Westerlo The bookies make this an easy win for Nick Gilardino's men but Nick says This will be an harder match than it seems for my players and i will warn my players not to get over confident because Westerloo do have some decent players that can cause us problems. Farfan will be a key player for PSV all season and Nick hopes he can get off to a flyer with a good contribute to tomorrows match. Also Gekas (if the medical goes well) will be key player upfront and Nick hopes he grab himself quite a few goals with his time at PSV. Westerloo are currently without a manager but this wont make it any easier for PSV. The PSV fans are expecting a win and so is pretty much everyone and Westerloo will be wanting to cause an upset
  5. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Gekas To Have Medical At PSV PSV and Bayer Leverkusen have agreed a Undisclosed Fee for Gekas He has said that he is pleasured to be at such a big club as PSV are one of 3 favourites to win the league this season. It is Nick Gilardino 2nd signing of the season if the deal goes through and he says there wont be many more coming into the squad. The deal has been blocked 3 times by the PSV chairman before and Nick Gilardino has said to be very angree with his chairman and will be holding a meeting late tonight.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 7 Manchester United Appoint Nick Gilardino Manchester United today appointed Nick Gilardino he has said he is delited to take controll of such a fantastic and well respected club we have a lot of great players and i can go far with this team, we might be lookin at bringing in a RM and that is probobly it for now. Man Utd lie in 4th in the league and Nick thinks his team can win the league if all players are 100% commited to every match. Deadly strikers we have some fantastic strikers at the club like Samual Eto'o, Wayne Rooney and Thierry Henry competition for places unpfront will be very tough and all 3 strikers will have to give there all to cement a regular first team place
  7. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports yea ok sure thing sparky soz
  8. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports nathan who you goin for in gc12 m8?
  9. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports PSV Boss Keeps Eyes Out For a 90+ Rated CB Nick Gilardino is intrested in any CB rated 90+. If any club is selling one please tell either on forum or PM thanks
  10. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports PSV Unveil Nick Gilardino as new manager Nick Gilardino says he is very excited to take on the challenge with PSV there is some good teams in our division but we are still expected to finish in top 3 with ease, Nick went on to say the players will have to give 100% in every match and he does not yet know his best 11.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Anybody selling any strikers rated 91 (From Nick Gilardino Schalke)
  12. Re: Gold Championship 6 Zaragoza Come Out On Top Zaragoza have beaten Atletico Madrid in the cup with there second team out, although it looks like Atletico didt have there best team out either. Goals came from Younes Kaboul and 2 from Ewerthon which handed Zaragoza the lead.
  13. Re: Gazza's European Challenge Real Madrid Go Top Real Madrid have gone top of the league after there 2-0 win over zaragoza. The 1st goal came from Diarra and then a 2nd from Ribery gave Madrid the points. The Real Madrid boss says this is a great start to there season and has gave the team a lot of confidence.
  14. Re: Gazza's European Challenge Real Madrid v Barcelona Real madrid warm up there season with a friendly against Barcelona tonight who Nick Gilardino admits thay have the best team in the league but he says is his players give it there all they can come away with a result. Juninho, Ayala and Ribery all starts there first match for there new club and Juninho has been saying he wants to make a good impression on his new manager and book himself a first team place when the season starts. Both teams are playin what they say is there best 11. Both teams what want to win the "El Classico" although it is a friendly but there is a lot of pride at stake!!!!!
  15. Re: Gazza's European Challenge Ribery Coming to the Bernabau After speculation that Frank Ribery was coming to the Bernabau the deal is on. Ribery hopes to join up with his new team mates on Friday. Other stars coming to R.Madrid are Juninho and Roberto Ayala. The Real Madrid manager has said he has signed Ayala for the expirence at the back with Sergi Ramos not very expirenced Ayala should help him through. Roberto says he has come to the Bernabau to win trophies he hopes to help the team claim the tittle in his first year here. Nick Gilardino has said he hopes to bring in 1 more new face before there first game against Zaragoza. Ibrahimovic has been rumored with a move to the capital along with David Villa.
  16. Re: Gold Championship 6 Zaragoza climb out the relegation zone Zaragoza have climbed out of the relegation zone thanks to a 3-1 win over 3rd place valencia. Diego Milito struck the winning goal as zaragoza begin to try and finish in the top 8 of the spanish first division. Nick Gilardino has gone on to say this: "This is where we begin our chellenge to finish in the top 8 of the table, we hope to bring in 1 or 2 new faces to strenghthen our squad even further. We have had a huge confidence boost by beating tittle challengers Valencia. The challenge starts here."
  17. Re: Spanish Ratings yea i think your getting a good deal there mate
  18. Re: Gazza's European Challenge Riquelme deal breaks down after real madrid decide the fee was to high
  19. Re: Spanish Ratings yea David silva has only been performing rubbish because the team spirit at valencia is awfull' date=' he needs to move clubs if you ask me [img']http://www.uefa.com/multimediafiles/photo/competitions/ucl/523135_mediumsquare.jpg[/img]
  20. Re: Gazza's European Challenge Real Madrid v Zaragoza Real Madrid manager has his first game against Zaragoza who are currently unmanaged, Zambrotta goes straight into the team after his signing from Barcelona. Also Riquelme who Nick is hopeing to sign by tomorrow if the medical goes well will go straight into the squad. Real Madrid are looking to sell 92 rated Guti and bring in Bayern Munichs skillfull winger Frank Ribery. Nick Gilardino has been saying he wants a top 4 finish from his squad with a good challenge for the tittle. He has also gone on to say if he wants to challenge for the tittle he will have to be beating spanish rivals Barcelona
  21. Re: Gold Championship 4 Werder Bremen hope to sign gary neville the werder bremen boss hopes the deal will be completed by Thursday
  22. Re: Gazza's European Challenge The new R. Madrid manager has already broke the bank splashing out on gianluca zambrotta. They are also said to be intrested in Riquelme the deal could be completed by tomorrow. Both signings should be ready to make there debut against zaragoza
  23. Re: Gold Championship 4 cheers lol Werder Bremen need wingers Werder Bremen are hopeing to capyure the signing of jose antonio reyes from milan and jesus navas from sevilla. They are also lookin to sell central midfielder torsten Frings for cash plus player. Werder Bremen currently are 16th and the new manager nick gilardino is hopeing to get them out of that cause it is deffinetly not where they belong nick gilardino says they should be battleing for a top 4 finish!!!!
  24. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread need wingers any1 selling any?
  25. Re: Gold Championship 4 Werder Bremen new Gaffer is Nick Gilardino The new Werder Bremen manager has been revieled today and the choosen one is Nick Gilardino, he has been saying he is thrilled to be in charge of such a talented club and a great set of players he has been saying he is lookin to bring in 2 wingers to strenghten his squad even more
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