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  1. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread oh crap did i draw lol sorry thought i won lol bad memory lol anyway got my first league game tonight soooo will hopefully win that
  2. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread New Palermo Gaffer Here Got My Team Off To A Good Start Winning In The Cup 1-0 And Got My First League Game Tonight
  3. Re: Gold Championship 7 taken over chievo (italy) am goin good in 4th place beaten AC Milan twice once in the league 2-0 and once in the shield 1-0:D
  4. Re: European Nations Table my star player is dindane for my sporting team scores at least 2 goals every game:D
  5. I am fulham in this league when i took over they where 19th with not a lot of money at all. since then i have brought in a few good players and got them in to the top half of the league:D what you think? Thanks Nick
  6. Re: English Championship 1 Hey I have Fulham in english division i took over and they where 19th so far i have made some goos signings where i think mt squad needs strengthing and i have got them out of the relegation zone and i am clibming the table
  7. Re: English Championship 1 hey pal you foing good so far but can you keep it up? haha
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