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  1. I would love to know why SM have the rule you can only make 3 deals a season with the same club. Personally i dont see the reason in this at all and it really frustrates me when i want a player that team have but i have already made 3 deals with that club. What is everybodys thoughts on this? Thanks....
  2. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing
  3. Re: Gold Championship 13 News, Transfers and Match Reports! Juventus Suffer First Defeat Of The Season Juventus suffered there first defeat of the season tonight against Siena which Juventus boss Nick Gilardino says should of been a simple walk in the park. But they where to over confident and payed the price.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 7 United Get First Win In 3 Man Utd beat Wigan 1-0 today after 3 losses on the bounce the united boss demanded a diffrent team tonight and thats what he got a comfortable 1-0 victory the goal from Luciano Galetti
  5. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! haha am pleased with that very pleased lol
  6. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Schalke Demolish Hannover (FC Schalke 7-0 Hannover 96) Schalke have gone and demolished Hannover 96 tonight by 7 goals to 0 which Nick Gilardino has said was the best performance he has seen his team play. Schalke had been on a bad run of form lately loosing 3 in a row to Arminia Bielefeld, Hamburger SV and Kaiserslautern. This would have been a great match to go and watch, there where a total of 42 shots most going to FC Schalke. Nick had asked his team to change dramatically from there last 3 matches, he gave the captains armband to Marcelo Bordon and Nick said he dominated the back line and kept the Hannover attack at bay with ease. Schalke also kept there disaplin getting 0 bookings but for Hannover Ciman got shown a yellow for a wreckless challenge. This fantastic result leaves FC Schalke in 5th place in the league one point behind Brossia Dortmund who drew tonight. The goal scorers for Schalke where: Marcelo BORDON (1) Diego MILITO (4) Santos MARCELINHO (11) Santos MARCELINHO (54) Marcelo BORDON (57) Santos MARCELINHO (70) Zlatan BAJRAMOVIC (71) A marverlous hat-trick by Santos Marcelinho earned him man of the match although the award could of gone to any of the 11 players in the Schalke team. Nick Gilardino's decission to give Marcelo Bordon the captains armband paid off while he got himself 2 goals from a leaders performance. Another change was Alessandro Del Piero was dropped for Thefaers Gekas although Gekas didt score he played a vital roll in the victory for 75 minutes after being subtituted.
  7. Re: Lets give money Value in GC's... same, i cant see a way SM can make this work although it would be great if they did P.S Tevez scored to equalize in the 88th minute woooooop
  8. Re: United V Rovers on now lol we were pressing like mad we were bangin on the door whole 2nd half 2 mins left
  9. Re: United V Rovers on now the guy in my avatar puts it away WOOOOOOP :D :D :D
  10. Re: United V Rovers on now Carlitooooooooooo Tevezzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Re: Lets give money Value in GC's... its a good idea ben and i agree with it all apart from the transfer market bit it would make SM really boring what would we do when the transger market was closed?
  12. Re: United V Rovers on now ahhhh yea lol but that wernt another player, it was a stupid fan
  13. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing like who though? lol
  14. Re: United V Rovers on now i have never seen fabregas dive in my life lol
  15. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing yea my keeper is rated 86 so count ur self lucky mate lol :p
  16. Re: United V Rovers on now fabregas dive never herd that before
  17. Re: United V Rovers on now drogba dives and i dont like to admit it but so does ronaldo
  18. Re: United V Rovers on now :eek: ' date=' I never mentioned not liking anything...Deal with it..? OK:rolleyes:[/quote'] i was just sayin it, didt seem like you didt like but just incasu you or anybody else did
  19. Re: United V Rovers on now man utd 2-1 rovers, i can see ronaldo pulling something special out the bag after fergie says a word or 2;)
  20. Re: United V Rovers on now haha i support man utd first then blackburn second so am really hoping united win because if man utd win this, the tittle is deffinetly coming back to Old Trafford IMO
  21. Re: United V Rovers on now will be massive i can see united coming back though just need out big names to get there heads in the game second half let fergie have a word with them
  22. Rovers are 1-0 up thanks to a Santa Cruz strike on 21 minutes what do we think will happen next?
  23. Re: Safe to have only one keeper? sell both and get Akinfeev
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