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  1. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! thanks Justice will it be done tonight cause if not am gonna go off now am not bothered if its not mate
  2. Re: football manager 2008 gonna carry on my man utd season again tomorrow aint been on in a bit
  3. Re: Gold Championship 13 News, Transfers and Match Reports! Juventus Still Unbeaten In The League Juventus are still unbeaten in the league winning tonight against Napoli 2-0 which saw Camoranassi get a goal and David Trezeguet carry on his fine scoring form. Man of the match went to the big center back Ujfalusi. Juventus lie in 3rd in the league on goal diffrence to Udinese and 2 points behind leaders Roma. Man Of The Match
  4. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Roma Manager Sleeps Hapilly Tonight! AS Roma today beat Prama 5-1 which leaves Roma in 2nd Place in Serie A one point behind Udinese. This was really good for the team bouncing back from saturdays defeat to Sampadoria. Nick Gilardino always had faith in his team which he has made fantastic all round team who he belives can win the league and the CL. The goal scorers tonight where: Clarence SEEDORF (14) Clarence SEEDORF (28) Alessandro NESTA (41) Alessandro MANCINI (48) Francesco TOTTI (84) With Man of the match goin to Alessandro Mancini who played "Fantasticly" throgh out the entire game Scores 1 and gets 1 MOM
  5. Re: Gold Championship 4 Where's A Goal?............There's A Goal There where goals everwhere you looked in the match at the RheinEnergie but it was Werder Bremen who came out with the most. The scoreline read Werder Bremen 6-3 1 FC Koln. That leaves Werder Bremen playing 2 winning 1 loosing 1. Nick Gilardino has had a great time with Werder Bremen since taking over 18 games to last season winning 15 drawing 2 and loosing 1. The manager is hoping to maintain a serious tittle challenge which manager Nick Gilardino belives really can happen. The match was mostly dominated by Werder Bremen having 20 shots 8 corners and 60% of the posession. The manager says "We SHALL carry on this way attackingly maybe not defensivly (haha)." The many goal scorers for Werder Bremen where: Seydou KEITA (44) Aparecido NALDO (49) Aparecido NALDO (54) El Hadji DIOUF (63) Antonio DI NATALE (68) Antonio DI NATALE (80) and for 1 FC Koln: Joao MOTA (9) Kevin AMUNEKE (66) Michael FINK (87) As you can see Werder Bremen went one nil down which made Nick Gilardino think "We have another loss on our hands here." But the players showed fantastic determination to come from behind like they did. The man of the match award went to El Hadje Diouf who Nick Gilardino admitidly was thinking about dropping for this match seen as he played awfull last match against Hamburg but sure made him feel like he made the write dicission. (Scores and gets MOM)
  6. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing Chelsea are now on me other account (Ze Castro)
  7. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing can someone PM me the password cause am puttin it on me other account
  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! :confused: :confused: maybe we should settle our diffrences and just start fresh i am willing to if you are?
  9. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  10. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing IVORY COAST TEAM HAS BEEN COMPLETED BY NICK GILARDINO Just makin a few more buys for people who belong on the bench and cup matches
  11. Re: football manager 2008 yea i know he is quality and a bargain
  12. Re: football manager 2008 has anybody ever bought eduardo ratinho? (think thats how you spell ratinho) he plays RB
  13. Re: football manager 2008 lol not my fault they refuse my offer, anyway he is worth it imo
  14. Re: football manager 2008 always try and get him for about 11m but then they negotiate it to 16m so i accept that
  15. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! he said he had a full list DO YOU LISTEN????
  16. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Schalke Pull Out In Race For Agbonlahor only after 5 minutes
  17. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Race Hots Up For Agbonlahor Schalke Many clubs are in the race to grab the signature for Gabirelle Agbonlahor. Schalke have today confirmed they would love to make him an addition to there squad
  18. Re: Player Changes if your swaping bojan dont if your getting bojan do
  19. Re: Gold Championship 7 Big Boys Go Head To Head On Wednesday Evening Wednesday evening Man Utd and Chelsea go head to head on it promises to be a thrilling match. Last season both teams finished in the top 4 Chelsea (leigh) came 1st and Man Utd (Nick) 2nd. Chelsea have got off to a good start this season winning 2 and drawin 1 Man Utd has been quite diffrent though winning 1 and loosing 2. But Leigh thinks the reds will come out on top he called Man Utd "His bogey team." Key players for both teams will be Man Utds Carlos Puyol and Chelsea's Milito. last season Chelsea ran away with the tittle with arguably the best manager in the game. But Nick Gilardino says that will all change next season. Last Season Action
  20. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! thats cool justice cheers pal
  21. Re: Chelsea hand Man Utd title? haha good 1, without abraomvic they would be in blue square
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