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  1. Re: Mr HoW's possibly national setup if i am allowed my order is: Italy Spain England Germany Argentina France Portugal Holland Brazil Czech Republic
  2. Re: Mr HoW's possibly national setup mr how can i join
  3. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! CLAUDE MAKELELE WENT UP :confused: GIGGS WENT DOWN :confused:
  4. Re: Vincent Enyeama (Rating) kind of 50% and what i have read about and been told and i got he jay jay okacha was in at bolton from bbc sport god knows what they where doin
  5. Re: Vincent Enyeama (Rating) well go on the BBC website, and if you have footy manager 08 check out his stats
  6. Re: Vincent Enyeama (Rating) he did, he has a job role at bolton now i think
  7. Re: Right now i'm listening to... dave grohl what a legend plays loooooads of instruments :) :)
  8. Nigeria and Enyimba goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama is on trial at English Premiership side Bolton Wanderers. The keeper has been recommended by the Super Eagles captain Jay-Jay Okocha, who is already at the club. Enyeama was voted the best goalkeeper at the African Cup of Nations earlier this year in Tunisia. According to the player, Okocha only became involved in the arrangements towards the end when Bolton officials consulted the midfielder over Enyeama's ability to perform at the highest level. he is currently rated 84 which is wayyyyyyy to low for me should be at least 89
  9. Re: James_B16's Blackburn Rovers Ratings Prediction he is the captain, no way he should drop in my opinon
  10. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Can we have an accrington stanley 1 :D :)
  11. Re: James_B16's Blackburn Rovers Ratings Prediction nice one mate i'll rep you for it why will ryan nelson drop though?
  12. Re: The "Greenfield" Invitational i'd join
  13. Re: Daniel Bolam's Turkish Rating Predictions good effort mate i would rep you but i have to spread it lol
  14. Re: New Standard Setup start it again cause in the poll i voted for WC so i vote for english
  15. Re: New Standard Setup suppose, why aint you joinin dai?
  16. Re: New Standard Setup if i had to pick i would say world, but i agree with welshman english
  17. Re: Fifa 08 PSP if yea, you want an online match?
  18. Does anyone on the forum have fifa 08 on PSP?
  19. Re: Favorite Flavor Chrisps. Anythin but my fav is Salt & Vinegar
  20. Re: PES 2008 Wii 80% sure am gettin this game tomoz i fixed the internet on the wii, well my uncle did am up for a game if anyone intrested, i know am giving gazza 1
  21. Nick Gilardino

    Picture Game

    Re: Picture Game Vincent Enyeama
  22. Re: Gold Championship 7 Smiles All Round At The Red Side Of Manchester Today at Old Trafford Man Utd saw of fellow tittle challengers Arsenal. The score ended 3-1 as it saw man utd go 3 goals up the first goal coming from Samual Eto'o who will be searching for the golden boot award this season. Second goal comes from end of last season signing Estaban Cambiasso and the final man utd goal goes to Fernando Arce who hasrnt played much since ariving at Old Trafford, the Arsenal scorer was Rafael Sobis who grabbed a concelation on the 80th minute. Man Utd season is a really tough opening there next match is against Liverpool then Aston Villa followed by Chelsea. Nick has said that the positive thing about playing the top clubs at the begging of the season is that it gets them out of the way as we stand a great chance in the Champions League! Manager Nick Gilardino has set his sights on two things this season, the league and the champions league which the manager belives they can win both. For the cup and the shield with all due respect to the competitions the youth sqad will be put out in every match for them. Manchester United have a small squad and need to keep all regular starters match fit or there season could go all wrong.wrong Opens the scoring
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