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  1. Re: Amercian soccer League when is this new GW starting?
  2. Re: Amercian soccer League New England for me. My SM name is Sir Alex
  3. Re: Wc 20481 I manage Barcelona.
  4. Game world just opened, come and get your teams. Lets make this a very competitive Game world.
  5. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ I would like to manage QPR in your league. my name is DJ Lambe.
  6. Re: The Battle of Brittan As long as it will be an active game world I'm in. Man Utd or Spurs
  7. Season 2 has just kicked off, come and get your teams. Teams available Lyon Villarreal Valencia Lille OSC Shakhtar Roma CSKA Moskva Marseille Zenit
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