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  1. Thanks. So I guess it's not possible from the phone app?
  2. Hi. Can someone please tell me how to post links to players on the newsfeed? For example, when I put a player on the transfer list, I like to advertise it on the newsfeed and it would be of great help if I could post a link the player instead of just writing his name.
  3. If there are any Romanian managers on this forum who still watch our national championship and national team, I opened a GW where we can only buy players of Romanian nationality, no buying from unmanaged clubs. All are welcome! Romania Liga 1 ID: 266053
  4. I'm sure this has been talked about before so I'm sorry to raise this issue again but can someone please explain to me why there isn't an option to kick people out of a GameWorld that I bought? It's very frustrating to pay for a Custom Gameworld only to have it ruined by 2-3 managers every time. I am part of a small group of people playing in many Gameworlds that we bought and in every one of them there is at least one guy that ruins the game for all of us. This could be made like a simple option when you purchase a GW that you can choose to have on or of, this way everybody that joins that GW would know that the owner can kick them out of the GW so if you don't like this option you don't join in the first place. Or, if you think this would give to much power to the owner, you could at least give him the option to start a poll in the game asking all the participating managers of that GW if they agree to kick someone out and that person will be kicked out if more that 50% of the people playing answer "yes". I think it is pretty fair for a custom GW that if more than 50% of people playing in it don't want somebody than that person should be kicked out.
  5. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. As of next month I am no longer a Gold member. No way I will continue to pay for my Gold membership if they don't even have the decency to give us paying members the option to be add-free. I advise all paying members to do the same, maybe if they start losing paying members they'll realize what a huge mistake they made.
  6. I know many people will not agree with me but I think it would be a good idea to have players ask you for money (not just a contract raise) when renewing their contracts. This would be very useful because teams would have more need for money and, thus would be more willing to accept selling their players for money. This is one of the only parts where this game is not even close to reality for me: most of the managers refuse to sell good players for money, no matter how much you offer for them. I believe this is mostly because you don't really need money if you have a good team.
  7. Re: Transfer Stats Very good idea. I completely agree.
  8. Re: Kick A Manager Fully agree with you guys. I have a manager in one GW that ruins the fun for everybody with abussive language, multiple accounts and dubious transfers between his teams. Since SM refuses to do anything about him (although many of us have reported him) I think the GW owner should have the option to kick him out. We pay the money, we should decide who gets to play in our GameWorlds.
  9. Why are certain managers allowed to sign for a team and quit the exact same day? In my idea this is just another form of cheating as it is done simply to stop other managers from signing players from unmanaged teams. I think this should be made illegal and managers who do this should be banned for a short while, or at least be banned from that gameworld.
  10. Re: Custom Game Worlds It would be a great idea to introduce a squad cap. As for the players who already have more than the number of players in one team ... very simple: impose a transfer ban until the team reaches the number of the squad cap.
  11. Re: Player records in club history Great idea.
  12. Re: Revamping International Teams I agree with both of you. One other idea ... why not have some sort of voting system for the national manager? For example , all the managers of a certain nationality vote for the national manager of that certain country. That way it would make it a special honor to be a national manager and more people would play with national teams.
  13. Re: Player Attributes on SM Wiki Actually I think it would be a great idea, especially (from what I see) if they're only going to have strenghts and weaknesses. It would be a nice addition to be able to know this as it would help a lot with the tactics.
  14. Re: Squad limit I may upset many people but I think it would also make even more people happy as ALL the managers who like to play with smaller teams have something to gain from this. Besides like someone else previously mentioned, it would add to the reality of the game as no team in the real world has such huge squads.
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