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  1. Re: Italian Ratings What are the chances for Momo Sissokko to go up. I know that SM increased his rating as soon as he moved to Juventus and he has been a fan favourite there. Is he a first-teamer now? What are the chances for his rating to go up in this rating change?
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    Re: Franky He is a good player alright but am skeptical of him getting his chances with Chelsea. While they are in a threat to lose a few important players over this summer, I somehow do not think they would be looking forward to Di Santo, Sinclair or Sahar to fill this gap. They would bring in experienced quality players and as it so often happens with the big teams, these promising youngsters would be released for a free after a few seasons.
  3. Re: Some young talents I have found - big risers
  4. Re: Need help with Arsenal! You haven't specified which formation you use. I assume that you are going with a traditional 4-4-2. The team looks extremely good - good players in all the positions. Since you say that your main players get NMF I would suggest that you look at their fitness level before playing them in matches. I never allow players who are below 90 fitness level to take the field. From my personal experience I have seen that people who are slightly lower rated but are in full fitness perform better than a not fully fit player. This way the highly rated player can recover and would not get into NMF. cheers.
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    left backs

    Re: left backs Shouldn't this be in the Player Help section? Anyway, try DOSSENA, Andrea, LB/LM, Udinese 26 88 He should make it to 90 in this rating change.
  6. Re: Lubos Kalouda Surprise - he has had an increase to 85 today. Anyone knows why it was done today? The czech ratings were over and russian ratings were still to come.
  7. Re: Lubos Kalouda Ok - he didn't go up in the Czech ratings. Worse yet, he has not featured in any of CSKA Moscow's matches in the new season (3 matches). Anyone who follows the Russian league know why? (the obvious reason is that he is not good enough, but maybe he is injured?) Also, if he doesn't feature for CSKA at all, how much will his ratings go up in the next rating change?
  8. HOCHSTRASSER, Xavier DM 19/83/£3.7M Plays for Young Boys (BSC Young Boys) in Swiss Premier league. Their team is second in the league trailing the leaders Basel by 1 point with a game in hand (so they could end up winners). His stats: Appearances : 21 start, 1 sub Mins : 1872 Goals : 2 A regular for the club and most of the club's regular starters are in the 85/86 range. Expect a small increase of at least +2 in the current ratings. -rizi
  9. rizi

    Laszlo Sepsi!

    Re: Laszlo Sepsi! Thanks xsonnyx for information about the player. He surely looks good to fit my bill for a new LB in my team (I manager Leicester City and hopefully he would be my new 85+ LB). However I have a couple of questions: 1. I see that of his 5 appearances for Benfica but 4 of them have been as substitute. He started their most recent match (played on March 16). Can he be considered a regular starter for now? Will be become first teamer by the end of the season? 2. Will his position be changed? I want a LB - nothing else!! And third and most important question of all - what will his rating be in the next rating change if he keeps playing for Benfica regularly? Will he be 85+? -rizi
  10. Re: Talent at Man Utd! I already posted enough info about this player so don't try to get some good rep because I'll give bad if u make me angry Use The Search TOOLS !!! Do not try get credti for someone else find. I posted him 22.5 years ago when he was just 6 months old. He was playing in his backyard when i used google earth. There you go - that was a nice vent. Now I am off to add this to my signature : "Finder of Cristiano Ronaldo"
  11. Re: Players help - young CB and winger Hey - found the link using google http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk/guardian/StatsCentre.asp Its very helpful. Thanks reddevilfc.
  12. Re: Players help - young CB and winger Thanks reddevilfc. But the link doesn't work. Could you please share the correct link? I tried the home URL (http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk) to figure out a way but it asks for a login. Thanks
  13. Re: Players help - young CB and winger Thanks BenReado. Any suggestions for CBs please? Also, where would I get statistics (matches started and played minutes) of players from all countries (atleast Europe would do). Currently I use ESPN soccernet for statistics on EPL, Spanish La Liga, France and Italian leagues but I know no place where I can get the same information for Portuguese or Greek leagues. Any help on this?
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