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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Welcome back Matty' date=' good luck at Bradford.

    How many goals did Danny Graham score again? :P


    it was a fluke! he wont get that many next year:p

    Just remember I took over them when they were in the relegation zone :P

    on that subject..........after being 12 points adrift with 10 games to go when I took over' date=' Leicester could perform the great escape tonight if Hull lose and we beat Jooles inform Crystal Palace.

    squeaky bum time indeed[/quote']

    yeah, i loved that team and i still do, put a lot of time and effort in getting some of those players, just didnt have time and fell out of love with SM.

    anyway i won my first game in charge 2-0.

  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Well here we are' date=' season six, turn 38 and my last game at Brighton. And what a game.

    If Villa and Everton lose with Sunderland drawing – a win will see me win the league. The big show. Le Grande Fromage.

    It all sounds great, but this pretty much the ONLY way I can win the league. Regardless it’s a top 4 finish which is nothing short of stunning.

    Unless anything else occurs it looks likely that my new home will be Shorpe (just finished bottom of div 3 so will be in the 4th next season). In truth I may float around repairing clubs for the next couple seasons, depends how comfortable I get at Shorpe I guess

    But for now, its all about the Brighton swansong. Wouldn’t it just be awesome if the impossible happened and they claimed the title? A beautiful ending to one of my most enjoyable management jobs in SM.[/quote']

    was looking at the tables today when i rejoined looking where my leicester are etc, was shocked when i saw you near the top of division 1! amazing stuff ed, i remember when you were back in div4 with andy and jinx...


  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

    If you see a player at external mate I will happily buy him' date=' loan you him and then give you the option to do what you want with him after TB - keep on loan, return him, buy him for CV etc.

    Let me know, should help you get some talent in without splashing the funds straight away.[/quote']

    ahh, still as generous as ever Ed!

    ill take a look in a sec, thanks.

  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    4-1 win at home to Leicester. :D

    Marker firmly set ! Got to say I'm proper chuffed with this result' date=' did a little research (bout 2 minutes) and had a formation that knew should work and rightly so it did claiming 60% possession, shots were even but I danny care lol :P Goals by Aduriz, Hernanes and a brace from the Welsh God that is Lavezzi ! :D

    I stay HIGH up in deh table. :D[/quote']

    great tactical work there carl !!!! how long did it take to think up that master stoke?

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