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  1. Re: Official 2011 Formula 1 Thread

    Vettel's got blistering on his front tyres (He over heated them as he did 6 flying laps) :D, Hamilton's tracking was out and had damage to side pod and he still got 2nd.... Lets put it this way id be surprised if Vettel was leading or even 2nd going into les combe.....

  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    well the season in GC3 finished last week and after an AWFUL start Bayern somehow managed to consolidate 2nd place no thanks to the heroics of theo walcott.....

    He absolutely tore division 1 to shreds, Can anyone beat this?

    26 apps - 29 goals - 21 assists - 8 MOTM's

    ohhh and in our friendly last night he got another three and 1 assist.

  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Wigan Athletic have made an offer to Bolton Wanderers for Mohamed SISSOKO of £6' date='500,000


    because i'm going to accept that ... after i paid you 9mil for a 29/89 defender with a chance at a drop ... that offers an insult.. :rolleyes:[/quote']

    he offered me 10 million for smalling today..... How nice of him

    just used the new add club feature' date=' and went into the club list and saw yeovil free, so it was a easy decision to leave doncaster for them.

    im in need of a good cm, and a am.

    please make bids if interested.[/quote']

    You are a douche bag

    he offered me 10 million for smalling today..... How nice of him

  4. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

    Manchester City still selling a number of players:

    Cambiasso (95)

    Lampard (94)

    Lucio (94)

    Lisandro (92)

    Cassano (91)

    Bruno Alves (91)

    Iraola (90)

    Danny (90)

    Flamini (90)

    Turan (90)

    Lichaj (82) - Cash

    Carlos Eduardo (89)

    Koval (84) - Cash

    Get in touch to do deals. I will do 2 for 1 deals either way also looking for a right back and a left back :)

    lisandro and cassano interest me.

  5. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge


    You'll note that it's not me who keeps bringing it up' date=' and of course now I know better never to try and shift the emphasis. Why bother talking about anything different when we can [b']bang on about the same old, well used, repetitive, so last season stuff[/b] :rolleyes:

    Anyway, here's a bit of World in Motion in support of Dom who flies the flag for England:


    Still think it's rather ironic though...

    Can we expect you not too mention 7046 winning 4 nations then jooles, as that was also last season and its been mention numerous times? yep thought not, Hypocritcal.

  6. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Hmm. Isn't all this 'embarrassing fallout' talk a tad hypocritical given that 7046 were the only team capable of finishing the season with the managers were started it with? :rolleyes:

    Ohh bloody hell jooles......... i'd rather have a person pulling out over that stunt you pulled, It was cringe worthy.

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