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  1. I got shifted to the new interface today. I am now getting a white screen with "loading..." showing. I can't access my clubs. what is going on??
  2. My Real Madrid team is on a 43 match win streak in the league. Have won both the cups this season. Currently have 105 points from 35 matches with 2nd placed Barcelona on 81 points. In the past three seasons, I had never scored 90 points. Its not enjoyable.
  3. Okay, I generally don't comment on concerns because they were pretty realistic in game-scenarios. But these new rules are ridiculous. As an example one of My Liverpool team has played 26 League matches and 10 cup matches until now. May I remind you if a player starts a previous League match, his fitness is never good enough to start in the Cup match. Still 3 of my Starting 11 players come on as subs in the Cups and 3 reserves in the league. My starting 11 is around 93 rated and reserve 11 90-91 rated. According to the new rules my starting 11 players expect to play around 85% of all matches. For now that would be 36*0.85=30.6 matches and the reserves would want to play around 70% matches (36*0.70=25.2 matches). Currently, highest matches played for my starting 11 (26 + 0.5 *10 = 31 matches for 3 players) and for reserves (10 + 26 *0.5 =23 matches for 3 players). And hence if we ignore the kids in my squad, out of the squad of 20 players, 17 of them has developed concerns in the last week. Well done SM. Does a 4 year old make these decisions for you? If you don't want us to play the game, just say it clearly. The new interface and this concern system are very roundabout ways of kicking us out. I have been playing these game for over 6 years now and these kind of moronic decisions are seriously irritating me.
  4. Muto didn't get his raise, why? He cannot seriously be rated 5 below Malli. He has got the same amount of combined assists and goals in about 100 minutes less.
  5. Fabregas should drop atleast 1. The guy has been completely ineffective since January.
  6. The dual color of the Tactics page is very disracting. The white is nice, the black makes everything invisible. Also a separation of starting 11 and bench would be nice.
  7. The pages where the background is becoming a bit of a problem are basically the squad, transfers, shortlist pages. The black in the background is a bit stark and the info about the players are hard to notice. I think if these pages have a greyer background behind the names it would be easier to locate them. Also the arranging buttons are currently absent or are currently not visible. I like the Tactics screen but the overview page has to be more useful. The current overview board provides a lot of useful information- Club News, league standing, GW news, Manger login time, Players in and out.
  8. I am currently unable to make a bid for a player. I am going into "Make Transfer Bid" option and after entering the value, the "Propose Offer" button is being unresponsive. Also the deep black background is not helping when I am using a PC. On a mobile it was nice, on PC it is just flooding the whole screen and making it very difficult to make out the information that is displayed over the whole screen.
  9. In the last two weeks that I have been managing in the test GW, I have not been able to complete a single transfer. I have made more than 50 bids in the meantime, every single one of them got rejected. Are the new AI chaimans been programmed based on Daniel Levy?? If this feature gets carried over, this game is pretty much dead to me and I have been playing it for about 4 years now.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Calhanoglu should get 88 easily. No way should he be lower rated than Meyer.
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