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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kolo Toure and Andre Wisdom have both signed new contracts
  2. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Laughed more at Van Gaal being 'The Tactical One'
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The usually reliable on Liverpool Ben Smith is reporting that Rodgers position is not under threat. How very disappointing, I don't see where the club goes from here, another summer of appalling transfer deals and a season of tactical bewilderment.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm simply not going to read an essay
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Rodgers says if the owners want him to go he'll go. Funny just a week ago he was 150% sure he was going to be the manager next season. I like the man but I think this job was too big too soon for him, his tactics have been mind boggling all season for all the wrong reasons.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think this season's been an example that Suarez was the main reason for last season. I might be a little fickle when it comes to the manager situation but it's not been acceptable and I don't see how he can win back the squad and fans after this season, and going into a transfer window I don't think he deserves a chance to waste anymore money.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Time for Rodgers to go, the seasons been completely unacceptable, the clubs stuck in a rut and it's plainly obvious that he's lost the dressing room. So sad that this is how it ended for Gerrard.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We'll have funds, not on Uniteds scale but all it takes is 2 or 3 good investments and the whole team looks different. Lovely ovation from the Stoke fans for Gerrards goal.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread This thread has turned into the Official Moron Thread quite quickly. Yes it's an embarrassing result and it'll probably get worse but this isn't going to change how players around the world view Liverpool, hopefully the board will meet and Rodgers will leave and the club can get in a new manager and repair the team with some investment. It was only this time last year we almost won the league and United were 7th. Things change quick in football and money talks, you're an idiot if you think Liverpool are suddenly never ever going to challenge for Top 4 ever again.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread While the results embarrassing, the way the players are acting to me just shows that Rodgers has lost the dressing room and when that happens there is no coming back, the results recently only back that up. He has to go, sooner the better, the collapse we've done in just a year is startling.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread #InRodgersWeTrust
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm 150% sure Rodgers will get sacked
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Can at right back though, I mean it's not worked in any of the other games he's played there. SO CARRY ON PLAYING HIM THERE YE?
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread #InRodgersWeTrust
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Aidy Ward is the same agent who told Odemwingie to drive to QPR that time. The guy is a moron and even if Sterling leaves Liverpool he really needs a new agent.
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