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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    The usually reliable on Liverpool Ben Smith is reporting that Rodgers position is not under threat.

    How very disappointing, I don't see where the club goes from here, another summer of appalling transfer deals and a season of tactical bewilderment.

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Ah Good to see the morons having a field day on the thread' date=' good luck to them even though we apparently don't matter as a club it always amuses me how many of them are that genuinely fascinated by us that they can't leave this thread.

    Embaressing result and day but we ain't the first, we won't be the last this happens to United, Arsenal etc etc have all had Embaressing days and defeats but the suggestion that one result seems to signal the death of. Liverpool football club is highly amusing.....

    Complete OTT reaction mainly from opposition fans they seems to forget we have been crap in the early 90's we came back, we were crap around the Hicks, Gillette era, we came back....even in those times people were saying the same rubbish they are saying now...

    Anyway if we move on from all the people who clearly know jack about this club the reality is ahead of an end of season assessment with the owners that is about as bad an audition as you are going to get. I have and still believe Rodgers has admirable qualities and personally it is the easy thing to say lets see him gone and TBH there is an argument for it now but we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

    Rodgers is culpable but today the players were the major players at fault, no heart, no charachter, no fight for the cause and whether that was because of an end of season switch off mentally more than physically or they have just lost all confidence/belief in the manager that is the main issue.

    No player in world football is going to turn around and say I was going to join Liverpool but they got hammered by Stoke so I will change my mind, people who believe that are short of a few brain cells.

    Terrible result, but TBh ah I expected us to lose and even laid us for the first time ever on my betfair account, this result although an total abject pitiful display has zero impact on its own on us going forward.

    I won't be watching Match Of The Day though. ;)[/quote']

    The voice of reason arrives and even for how much we have disagreed over the season I completely agree with everything you've said today. Will be interesting to see what happens on regards to Rodgers, while I like the man I dont really see a way back for him, if he has lost the dressing room which is my guess then it'd take a big rebuilding job to fix it and it'd be financially wiser to call it a day and part ways.

    As for the United fans their bile has been building since they finished in 7th last season, let them have their day :P

    As you've said this one result won't change recruitment plans, the only thing this result will have an impact on will be Rodgers future. Fox Sports reporting a crisis meeting to take place tomorrow how reliable they're is up for debatdebate.

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Because you know' date=' as hard as it is to admit, that I am right.

    I'll give you the briefest version I can so you understand my points.

    Manchester United This Season = Injuries + New manager + Big Money = Top 4

    Liverpool This Season = Less Injuries + Same Manager + Less Money = 6th

    I feel sympathetic (genuine)

    Liverpool Next Season = New Manager? + Less Money + Injuries? = Not Top 4

    Manchester United Next Season = Same Manager + More Money + Injuries? = Top 4

    Finally Liverpool + 2/3 new players + Reality = Not Top 4 (unless you can suggest otherwise)[/quote']

    No because I literally cannot be bothered to read pages of writing, I get enough of that at uni.

    It's a complete none argument, football is too unpredictable for you to promise anything, you might turn out to be right next year, but nobody knows, there's a summer of work ahead for all clubs.

    It's an utterly pointless debate, the season has only just finished.

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    He is very naive as a coach imo' date='but he is not the only one.[/quote']

    He'll learn undoubtedly, I just think the jump from Swansea (At the time) to Liverpool was a huge one to make, it was the same reason the fans didn't want Martinez, both of them have this season proved that they still have a lot to learn. I don't think Liverpool should be a club where a manager learns his trade, we need a manager with pedigree to come in and motivate this team.

    Rafa and Klopp are odds on.

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Rodgers says if the owners want him to go he'll go.

    Funny just a week ago he was 150% sure he was going to be the manager next season.

    I like the man but I think this job was too big too soon for him, his tactics have been mind boggling all season for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Do you think those kinds of signings will be enough to push Liverpool into the top 4 though' date=' even if you got everyone on that list I'd be stunned.

    As I say, I'll happily take that wager with anyone on here that Liverpool won't finish in the top 4 next season.

    United were battered by MK Dons, but we finished 4th and have money to spend on better players and we've already signed a very exciting young winger in Depay. Already we're improving and the window isn't really even open yet.

    Genuinely I know it comes across as arrogant but it's delusional to think Liverpool will be in the top 4 next season... they are very far behind.[/quote']

    I'm not saying we'll finish there next season but you're confidently writing off that we won't make it there for the considerable future on the back of a one-off result. It's arrogant and idiotic.

    United have played like tosh all season, Liverpool finish like 7 points behind without a striker all season after selling their best player and spending almost a £100 million less and you've had no Europe to contend with all season and went out of both cups early on. That's not far behind, this is almost the same squad that won a league last season, we've had an average season simple as, it's not the end of the club or our Top 4 hopes forever. This result isn't surprising why? Because it's been plainly obvious since the Hull game that these players are on their holidays and Rodgers has lost the dressing room.

    We need strengthening and hopefully the players who have struggled will have settled next season. I also hope the club takes a new direction with regards to transfers and the manager.

    You're making predictions for next season on the back of this result and before the transfer window has even opened, it's beyond stupid.

  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    No I'm using the sarcasm to illustrate how naive it is to think Liverpool are anywhere a top 4 finish... are much more than 2/3 players away I'm afraid. It seems to have worked in that it's maybe sinking in how stupid it sounds to the rest of us.

    FSG won't change' date=' they can't, they want to make money not make Liverpool champions again.

    The thing is will the players see Sterling as a 1 off? Will other players joining look at Sterling and think no you're wrong to try to move to a bigger club you should stay at Liverpool despite their 6-1 defeat in the last game?

    Honestly from the outside looking in it looks terrible, not every player loves Liverpool FC like the fans do and not every player understands it either. I genuinely feel bad for you all, genuinely but when some of you won't accept the obvious you need a kick to get you away from denial and into acceptance or next season is going to suck for you.

    Name me any player who can come in to replace Sterling that would think they are attractive after that performance?

    I am not predicting I am promising. Liverpool FC will not finish in the top 4 next season and if they do I will buy their home kit, with anything you want written on the back to United v Liverpool at Old Trafford in the season after next I will provide photographic proof :)

    It's not going to happen.[/quote']

    Milner, Konoplyanka, Berahino, Bolasie etc

    One result against Stoke won't change a players mind on a move, if Liverpools a step up for them they'll come and you're an idiot to think otherwise.

    I guess nobody will sign for United because you were battered by MK Dons, don't be so naive to think one result changes everything.

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Terrible advice' date=' bigger clubs are interested in you and this club is going downhill, lets make some money and leave :P

    Awful, awful advice...

    Like I said, you'll be fine, no player will be put off by losing so heavily in the last game, without passion, drive or any sort of effort, loads of top quality players or lesser known gems like Coutinho and Can will be lining up to join the club. With 3 signings you'll be back in contention for the top 4 definitely, City, Chelsea, United and Arsenal will strengthen but not enough to stop you returning...

    Look what United did after finishing 7th... they broke records of transfers and paid a LOT of money to get back into the top 4, plus they had to change to a very experienced manager to do so.

    It's even worse that Sterling isn't that good, because even the half decent players are wanting to leave thinking they are too good for the club... but don't worry because a few signings of quality will sort that, especially a top striker, not like Arsenal, United or anyone else will be looking for one of those.

    The thing is look at historically your recent purchases, are any of them top 4 players? The club can't afford to do what United did and buy ready made...

    Honestly guys I am not trolling you here but it's staring you in the face and I think you'll be very disappointed if you expect to finish 4th last season and attract players in the summer with that fresh in the mind...

    I'll go out on a limb here, if Liverpool finish in the top 4 next season I'll buy Liverpool's home kit with 'I was wrong' or any phrase of your choosing on the back of it and post it onto the forum for you all to see.[/quote']

    The majority of what you wrote is sarcastic tosh in order to get a rise. Hopefully this result shows FSG we need some serious change.

    Sterling is a one off, he's a player with a massive ego boosted by the fact that the media will hype any English player who can kick a ball. Hes a good player but he's not great and there's many players out there on his level right now who can come in.

    The club needs investment and a new direction, we've been in worse positions and a couple of seasons after we ended up almost winning the league. Things change so quick in football that making predictions right now for the future is ridiculous and idiotic. Who'd have thought 10 years ago City would be where they are now? Things change.

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I agree with the bold' date=' but you never really brought a replacement because of 1 reason or another and panic buy Balotelli

    Liverpool spent 90mil this year and 6th, it going to take a lot of investment which Liverpool hasn't got

    top 4 will be a lot stronger next year[/quote']

    We had a net spend of around 50 million which just isn't good enough when you look at how the teams around us spent. We have the same problem every year, we dilly dally around in hope of getting a low price and end up being pipped by a rival and then we spend ridiculous amounts in order to avoid losing targets.

    The clubs transfers have been diabolical for over a decade and a half now. This is probably the biggest transfer window in the club's history. I don't want Rodgers to be the man in charge of it.

  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Last season I bet you was saying the club was moving forward and Brendan was going to take them to the next level...... oh.

    I think this season's been an example that Suarez was the main reason for last season.

    I might be a little fickle when it comes to the manager situation but it's not been acceptable and I don't see how he can win back the squad and fans after this season, and going into a transfer window I don't think he deserves a chance to waste anymore money.

  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    OK' date=' keep believing in Liverpool, things will get better, you'll sign the players you need to replace your most influential player for the past decade or so and you'll definitely get someone better than Sterling while also signing a top striker to sort everything out and Sturridge won't get injured and Mignolet will be great :) this 5-0 at half time won't put anyone off of at all :)

    It's too late, players already don't view Liverpool the same. Would Sterling be looking to leave Liverpool in the 80s? Hell no? Even the 90s?

    But now 2015 players like Sterling want out, and unfortunately this result shows why.

    You were 2nd last year thanks to Suarez, I said selling him would be a hug mistake if you didn't replace and here we are...

    Some truths are hard to take but I'd really re-adjust your expectations for next season...

    You don't have the money to sort out these problems quick enough, nor the pulling power.[/quote']

    We've finished lower than this before and bounced back, we've got the money to do that.

    You write paragraph after paragraph of absolute tosh that you believe is gospel, let's be honest, this result is a one off on the final game of a season that we've had nothing to play for for weeks.

    United finished 7th last year, that's lower than what we are currently. There was no replacing Suarez and we didn't really have a choice on his sale.

    STERLING ISN'T THAT GOOD, he's alright he isn't a great player and he is replaceable, he's not Suarez any team would struggle without Suarez he was and is World Class, we've been without a striker all season.

    If you honestly think that Liverpool are done as a club because of one result in a pretty average season then you simply are an idiot. It takes some good investment in summer and we'll be challenging again, same as what United have done.

    Clubs in a bit of turmoil but we've been in worse positions and comeback, ie under Hodgson and the end of the Hicks and Gilette ownership.

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    This thread has turned into the Official Moron Thread quite quickly.

    Yes it's an embarrassing result and it'll probably get worse but this isn't going to change how players around the world view Liverpool, hopefully the board will meet and Rodgers will leave and the club can get in a new manager and repair the team with some investment. It was only this time last year we almost won the league and United were 7th. Things change quick in football and money talks, you're an idiot if you think Liverpool are suddenly never ever going to challenge for Top 4 ever again.

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    While the results embarrassing, the way the players are acting to me just shows that Rodgers has lost the dressing room and when that happens there is no coming back, the results recently only back that up. He has to go, sooner the better, the collapse we've done in just a year is startling.

  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Sterling heckled and booed at your club awards night' date=' which made it exceptionally awkward when he won young player of the year :o

    That Tony Barrett article is spot on. Your owners loved FFP because it gave them an excuse to not invest in the club.[/quote']

    Well you see many Liverpool fans who voted aren't gifted with foresight.

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