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  1. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) I enjoyed the way they built up characters earlier in the season, but that episode built up nothing, just a classic filler episode where they are waiting to start a new story arc, the whole barn thing at the end was dreadfully done as well.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread 4 games is a joke but let us be honest it's not really a massive blow Lallana and Ibe have excelled in that position in recent matches, gives Ibe some much needed European experience while keeping Markovic fresh for the Premier League
  3. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) That might have just been thee worst episode I've ever watched of The Walking Dead Although it looks as though Negan is just around the corner
  4. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Hahaha can't believe you still remember the Valencia argument Luckily I chose the correct Uni and I'm now surrounded by blinkered plebs
  5. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Aye, took my fair share of stick over the years for it as well.
  6. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread There's quite a lot of us
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread If hypothetically things don't improve and you miss out on Top 4 and don't win the FA Cup and Van Gaal is sacked, who would you bring in? Inb4GuardiolaandBarcastyleofplay
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Mario changed the game for me, great performance especially against a bogey team, brilliant from Mignolet and Allen today as well. Thank god Gayle didn't score.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If Gayle could stop diving that would be great
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Big time for Lovren now he really needs to step up, i'd say he's the only summer signing that's really failed (Bar Balotelli but god knows how important that goal will be). So disappointed with him because I honestly thought he was everything we needed in defence, he looked good when he came on so hopefully he builds off this, to be fair to Lovren he's not had many games in this system and it's definitely much more balanced defensively than it was when he was partnered with Skrtel so hopefully this will help his form. Wouldn't be surprised to see Kolo slot straight back in though especially with how fantastic he was at the AFCON with a relatively young and inexperienced defence. Big choice for Rodgers is whether he starts with Sturridge or Balotelli, Balotelli should be absolutely buzzing after that goal and usually it's a good idea to put someone back in when they've scored a goal that important but Sturridge is integral to our pacy attack, it'll come down to whether he wants to save Sturridge after his first start in 5 months. Will be interesting, hoping to see Ibe start again he's been fantastic since he came in. Doubt that whoever in defence matters i'm sick of saying Gayle score against us.
  11. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Wait wait....he'll get a hat-trick
  12. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Smalling's now leveled Di Maria's goal scoring record for the season, in one game.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Right now I've calmed down like; Thought it was an utterly breathtaking match, both teams looked like they would score every time they attacked. Firstly thought the goals we conceded were poor, first one you realise just how important Lucas is as Gerrard and Henderson pushed forward and got caught out, Sakho's positioning was dreadful and the slip just topped it off. 2nd goal was a joke, first of all it was a fantastic tackle from Gerrard and then Kane is offside when he puts the cross in. Thought Coutinho was poor does look a little jaded and unsurprisingly he's played an immense amount of football recently. The whole team is looking tired but the spirit to get the win was great, good for Sturridge to get 70 minutes as well looked a threat every time he went forward and his finishing will comeback with time. The transformation Mignolet has gone under this past few months is incredible, he was dead and gone and we looked certain to be getting a goalkeeper but he's turned it around and that save he made from Lamela was world class and even his distribution has improved. Bar the goal I thought Sakho was alright his passing is good but he seems to really struggle when someone pressures him ie at Everton and what Dembele did today. Really impressed by Skrtel though and that's unlike me he looks like a leader now and that's all we've ever needed his yellow card was extremely harsh as well. Rodgers got all the subs correct as well tonight, I thought when they were made that the game would be killed off and for about 5 minutes it was very slow, but Lovren looked strong for once and the decision to move Emre Can up again just like against Bolton just gave our midfield some momentum, Lallana with a great assist and what can you say it just seemed in the script for Balotelli, completely forgiven for his drought because that could be one of the biggest goals in the season for us, and undoubtedly that should raise his confidence you could see the relief on his face when that went in. Tottenham were fantastic though a completely different team than the one we faced early in the season, they'll be in the hunt all the way till the end if they carry on playing like that, and I honestly cannot call the Top 4 it's dreadfully close luckily we've gained form at a great time.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! All season, all season i've been waiting to do that
  15. Re: Official Manchester United Thread The only person playing mind games Ben was Big Sam and LVG has well and truly bitten.
  16. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Clearly missing my point' date=' I never suggested that United were doing a Liverpool it was a United fan who suggested that, I was saying that our problems came around long before the money trouble we had under Hicks and Gillette, though finances dwindle if success fades, United aren't untouchable in that respect. But after the whole Rafa and the facts press conference a lot of Liverpool fans said the exact same thing, but looking from the outside view it massively shows that he's under pressure, anyone who is arrogant wouldn't have defended themselves, watch Mourinho and Fergie they would never have even thought about defending their playing style because they know it works. If you think he carried it off this was the face of your press officer who clearly knew it was a bad idea, whether or not his persona carries it you will get slaughtered in the press, and it was hardly attacking the journalists, Big Sam will be laughing that Van Gaal bit so hard on a joking comment. [img']http://giant.gfycat.com/CommonMagnificentEastrussiancoursinghounds.gif[/img]
  17. Re: Official Manchester United Thread God you boys are so obsessed with Liverpool that Van Gaals doing his own Rafa tribute now But seriously though somebody should have told him that presenting 'stats' and 'facts' to the English Press will only get you slaughtered. He shouldn't have even reacted as soon as you have to explain and defend yourself you've lost.
  18. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) Read an interesting article - http://comicbook.com/2015/02/09/the-walking-dead-signs-that-negan-is-coming/ Lot of potential signs most interesting one was this -> Head smashing was also present enough in episode 5x09 to give us reason to believe Negan is around. When Noah found his old house, he found his mother with her head smashed in the living room. Very similar to what Negan did to Glenn. Another interesting bit is the markings mentioned on the heads of the bodies found are the same markings that Morgans been following. Being a big fan of the comics i've been looking forward to Negans introduction (Doubt we'll see him in Season 5) but the story arc has so much possibility from him alone, if they get the casting right and don't blitz through it like they did the cannibals storyline we should be in line for some cracking episodes.
  19. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Initially we dropped off because Souness tried to rebuild a title winning team and failed (De ja vu maybe?) money problems came only in recent times and by then we weren't a title challenging team and was only scraping Top 4.
  20. Re: The Walking Dead (includes spoilers) Interested to see whether they investigate the van that they hit near the end of the show, i'm hoping it's the introduction of Negan but I feel it's too early for him.
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