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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Guess we were letting him down when we let him relax in Jamaica mid-season, and when we didn't punish him for his BBC interview. As I said earlier in the season Rodgers has been far too lenient with him. A good player with plenty of potential but his attitude will let him down. I won't be sad to see him go, i'm only fearful of how we will go about replacing him. Undoubtedly somebody average and overpriced.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sky Sources: #LFC's Raheem Sterling to hold talks with the club this week and will not sign a new contract #SSNHQ Sky Sources: Sterling feels 'bullied' into signing new contract & feels club have failed to protect him from negative headlines #SSNHQ Sky Sources: Sterling feels let down by leaks of previous contract offers #SSNHQ #LFC: Our position remains unchanged and Raheem Sterling is not for sale #SSNHQ Get rid of him, he's absolutely pathetic, he brought it all on himself him and his dodgy agent. Rodgers has constantly protected him, playing him week in week out and distracting attention till the end of the season, ungrateful footballer who wouldn't be where he is without the club and Rodgers.
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread John Terry lucky to be on the pitch, would Berahino have to be in the net for it to considered a goal scoring opportunity?
  4. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread If Costa's stupid enough to let himself be constantly wound up then any defender will do the same, is it right? No but when you're up against somebody who is that easy to wind up you'll obviously take that advantage. As for Fabregas, it's a red card, harsh? maybe, but a player with that experience shouldn't be that idiotic, to be that mindless and to do it right near the ref has to be the most comical red card you could ever get. Though Rooney did something similar in 2008 and was only yellow carded. Fabregas should know better though.
  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread You'll probably sign Lloris, he's the most obvious choice, probably the 3rd best keeper in the Premier League as well right now.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We struggled against Palace long before Pardew came along
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Team honours have nothing on your ranking as a player Ben it's that simple. Using your logic Messi can't be the greatest ever player because he's never won a World Cup and him and Ronaldo can't be the two best in the World because again they've never won a world cup. It's a ridiculous statement to say he's nowhere near the best because he didn't win the prem.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Exactly but to diminish Gerrards individual talent as one of thee if not thee best midfielder in the Premiership because Liverpool haven't recruited correctly for almost two decades is completely wrong.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He's been around good individuals but we've never had our top players altogether at one time in order to progress apart from 2008. Just look at that squad that Gerrard won the Champions league for.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If you're actually reading into Redknapps wording so much in order to start a debate if Gerrard is better than 5 players combined then you have too much time. Is Gerrard better than 5 players combined? Obviously not, does a lack of title stop him from being a top top player? No, teams win titles and unfortunately for Gerrard he was around a time when we could never get one together, he would walk into any successful Liverpool team in history and I wouldn't swap Gerrard for any midfielder who has graced the Prem.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well done one player who was here for a short time look at the rest
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We had a good team for about a season in 2008 with Torres, Masch, Carra, Alonso and Pep. Otherwise he's had a load of rubbish around him, this is a guy who took the most average of squads to a Champions League, look at some of the players he's been around compared to Viera, Keane, Lampard, Scholes and Giggs. Diouf, Pongolle, Baros, Smicer, Cisse, Cheryo, Traore etc Gerrard has won trophies surrounded by this calibre of players. For me only Lampard could be argued to eclipse him, he's an unbelievable player and one of the Premier Leagues greatest.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hahaha imagine not thinking Gerrard was one of the Premier Leagues best, he's been surrounded by absolute tosh his whole career compared to those Redknapp mentioned, it's ridiculous to not think he's up there, him and Lampard for me are the two best midfielders in the Prem era, you can only win so much and put any of those midfielders in our team for Gerrard and we wouldn't have got half the success we had. I'm sorry but it's laughable, you want to know how good he is? Your manager tried to sign him twice, you constantly sing about him and the top players in World football call him one of the best. You're an idiot to think otherwise.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Pathetic, he's carried us for years and his beyond average team mates can't even turn up for his farewell game, this game typifies what he's had to put up with in his career, deserved so much better.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's less comparing the players they are now, more comparing Ibe right now to when Sterling first broke into the first team.
  16. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Gareth Bale abused again by Madrid fans, honestly is there a bigger set of self entitled fans in world football, yes they've had a disappointing week but to be consistently abusing players after losses is completely unacceptable.
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